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for Deal with the Devil

12/20/2023 c30 Efail1
Overall the story is pretty good, one bit of a hiccup to force a scene at one point but other than that it recovers well and the characters all feel fun an unique. The story also makes sense. Looking forward to seeing how that prayer goes and if it will be treated seriously or responded as a joke.
12/19/2023 c22 Efail1
Eh, this chapter kind of just feels like an insult to the rest of the series that up to here is pretty good. It depends heavily on so many instances of bad luck and forced plot convenience that it just makes the confrontation feel artificial and sour rather than this big reveal of the antagonist meeting the protagonist again. Like "Threw up a barrier by reflex"? Really? and the head honcho was watching just because? And Euclid just happened to investigate in that direction? To be fair it's in character for them but grayfia and sirzechs just standing their with their thumbs up their *ss except for when they are impeding the protagonist instead of doing their actual jobs? I thought the mc was supposed to have the super good luck sacred gear but considering the amount of b*llshit that had to happen to force this scene it sure seems like
12/19/2023 c3 Shortmike24
this story is so fucking gay. your character is a pussy ass simp. its so fucking boring. and him sharing power is fucking stupid and i hope it comes back and kills him.
12/10/2023 c30 Guest
would be awesome if damian could transform into a half devil and half angel and sit on the empty throne of heaven
12/10/2023 c30 journeyman3929
fuck I hate my fast reading speed!
12/8/2023 c1 PandoraOfVanity
I was curious about all these different essences you spoke of so I found a doc with explanations of every single one of them. And god damn there op, every single one of them has multiple paragraphs of abilities which are op.
12/2/2023 c30 IsakDemn
hope you add lilith and yakasa to damiens harem
11/26/2023 c28 1Liege Lord
Whoops nevermind that last review I did, I just started re-reading and I forgot Lilith had been marked and could be moved at any time, so Damien used this for more help with Zekram.
11/26/2023 c27 Liege Lord
Really enjoy the story, a quick question though, did Rizevim hand Lilith over to Zekram at some point after chapter 1 or is it Zekram himself with the ? POV in the end scene of the first chapter? I mean I suppose Zekram could call her mother technically after all and I could be completely misunderstanding that scene.
11/18/2023 c30 RuneFather
11/17/2023 c30 Hwang Manuel
11/17/2023 c30 ChulK
Thanks for the chapter.
11/14/2023 c30 Guest
hope he maybe a martial art next

bangs martial art from OPM is super cool

if he could combine, water breathing, Meliodas's full counter and bangs rock flowing martial martial art hed be a terror for any power level XD

maybe some cultivation wuxia magic in there too XD

just for the lucifer family to use

some body refining for his loyal army since training the body is always a great thing to have

have enemies break over their stronger bodies

he cant always use his excesses to boost his subordinates after all
11/13/2023 c30 Guest
Playing the whole underworld like that must have taken some serious planning but of course now he has a whole new set of problems to deal with
11/12/2023 c30 Guest
wonder if Damian could make Ea from fate?

his own version at least

maybe in spear form?

maybe have the shaft shrink so he could have a sword too

his own spear of destiny tailored to him and his brand of hax

take some ques from sacred gears, agarasite stuff, his Essences, bloodlines, Ea, and bleach asauchi and zanpakuto

would be awesome if he could merge the devil and angel forms too

would be hilarious to see their faces when damian keeps fuckin transforming into stronger forms along with his weapon XD

like Damien could go full devil mode haki for his first gear or angel mode for a different flavor

then his second gear is merging the two

then maybe 3rd gear is Damian doing a shikai release on his weapon

then balance breaker

juggernaut drive

then bankai

and for something really crazy damian could fuse with his weapon as his final form

kinda hope damian makes some shock troops like parademons to act as their fodder?

cant wait for The Devil and his faction to flex lol
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