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for Deal with the Devil

8/22/2021 c2 BJJPanda
I think the nasuverse can give a bit of inspiration regarding mind partition and thought acceleration
8/22/2021 c2 zepat1989
Muy buena historia, espero con ansias el siguiente capitulo.
8/22/2021 c2 Silber D. Wolf
Great chapter
8/22/2021 c2 MarkuzBlack
Thanks for the chapter
8/22/2021 c2 Beeze123
This is really great keep up the amazing work, it is a really interesting concept starting from the Old Satan faction instead of the usual devils
8/22/2021 c2 Ruberforumfree
Uh, I hope Damien is gonna kill that bitch Katera together with the other fuckers
8/22/2021 c2 Patryk Ainsworth
the partition and acceleration spells/abilities are basically a nerfed versiin of great sage from tensura, they should allow him to use the essence of archmage at full power in his mind, but for ig to work he has to imagine and seperate that thought into a mini him working constantly and sending him feedback and analysis like great sage.
8/22/2021 c2 Jp18rc
I wait for the next chapters and how you destroy the original plot XD.
8/22/2021 c2 Lesancapo
Thanks by tge chapter.

Get Ingvild Leviatan
8/22/2021 c2 mantelofdeath
Thanks for update
8/22/2021 c2 shinigami00000
badum, badum, badum
8/22/2021 c2 utsavhodiwala
8/22/2021 c2 Hydrocution
As always, excellent writing and interesting plot. Love your style.
8/22/2021 c2 Alostdonkey
Awesome chapter! I like that you tried to make sense of the DxD magic system. Also I really like the magic choices he is making. Increasing control and mental abilities is a very intelligent decision that is guaranteed to help no matter what in the future. It is also relatively undetectable and it has huge benefits.
8/22/2021 c2 Khiione
Thought Acceleration does not work literally. It is actually simply using Magecraft to force your mind to create expansive diagrams in one's mind.

Memory Partition (I couldn't find anything that said Mind Partition was an actual spell anywhere, so I assumed you meant Memory Partition because it's from Fate along with Thought Acceleration) is the ability to split your thoughts into multiple independent processes. It's not like simply having multiple computers in your head as stated by the wiki, as all the partitions work to one general goal, even if each partition is working on a different facet of that solution. The rooms created by the partitions are synergistic (example provided by wiki : 4 Partitions would mean 256 thought processes. As they work towards one goal, it does not allow for 256 separate calculations)
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