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11/29 c18 daniloopl116
I'm going to drop the story here, it's good but I was looking for blood fight action, this shit here is political shit, there's only talk.
11/29 c23 Hadrian.Caeser
another awesome chapter
11/29 c23 Guest
Gotta say, this is not the direction I saw this chapter heading in. Still great and opens up a lot of options I hadn’t considered going forward, but unexpected. I look forward to seeing where this goes.
11/29 c23 2Tonyorobsky
Rizevim craziness, Euclid stomp... the pervert in the basement made me laugh!
11/28 c23 TOAA presence
thanks for the chapter
11/28 c23 Trevion1 Brownlee
An amazing chapter please keep up the good work
11/28 c23 Acetroyz
Niceeeeeee Chapter!
11/28 c23 Guest
This was pretty good I like how he stomped Euclid and he kept dropping bombs on sirzechs. Hope to see gretel and grafias conversation next chapter. You should also show a scene with sirzechs informing the other satans about what he learned
11/27 c23 Meh
Ohhh you mentioned the Runeas at the end people forget she exists
11/27 c23 Guest
11/27 c23 Guest
See thank you, every story I've ever encountered never showed why zeo put Rias jn that stupid arranged marriage.

I like the idea rhat Lucifer gave all devils the freedom to pursue their own happiness and power
11/27 c23 Moi
Cool chapter
11/27 c23 Guest
The Melbranche are a rip off from "the divine comedy" 13 sinnermen. The first book "Hell" picture them as the original sinners, humans whose sins had them chained in the forest of melbranche in the 8th circle of hell... so if you want deeper info... read the Bible all the answers are there. XDXDXD
11/28 c23 FaritFlashbang
very good dear author... very good...
always hyped for a new chapter Deal with the Devil
11/28 c23 God-of-None1
Who’s the sleeping midget
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