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4/3 c33 15ahsoei
One more question: while I know that Cattleya Leviathan has been rendered into Damien's service, what of Shalbaa Beelzebub and Creuserey Asmodeus?
4/3 c34 ahsoei
Any illustrations we can use for Damien and other OCs here? And are the Domain Expansions using no barriers?
4/2 c31 ahsoei
Quick question: is there a name or something for Hagoromo's Domain? Is it enclosed in a barrier or without barrier?
4/1 c34 Xtralargsmall
Hey look the cavalry is here and it’s fucking pissed.
4/1 c34 6Waki Paki
You really don't know the word "accommodate"? You used "accompany" instead.
More to the point... I just feel burned out on all the high-octane drama and fights. I just want the story to get on with it already. I'm not sure if the next chapter or two are going to be the big climax, but I fear what will happen if it isn't; that the story will now have to somehow top this current long drawn-out arc of big happenings.
4/1 c1 GodLovesReading2
First I would like to say this story is up there overall and one of the top 10 in DXD now on to my question will you ever update The game must go on at some point or is it dropped?
4/1 c34 Nogoodnamesisnotmine
Im hyped af for the next chapter keep it up
4/1 c34 Guest
guess Damien is unleashing his Helel side's fury
3/31 c34 Guest
I hate how you always do this, leaving shit on cliffhangers all the time, but you do it so damn well! Always leave us wanting more!

Hopefully we don’t have to wait months for the next update again, but either way I still enjoy your random stories in the collection. Any chance of you breaking that up and splitting them all into their own corresponding stories? Would make it easier to navigate and search for specific stories and their follow up chapters instead of having to go through page after page since you’ve got over 60 chapters on that one now.
3/31 c34 Guest
I have been waiting for the next chapter since the last one came out, but now I wish I waited for multiple to be released.

The chapter was great the story amazing but that cliffhanger is despicable. I hope the next chapter is out soon.
3/31 c34 Guest
Holy shit shit is going down. Can’t wait to see him through down with rizevim
3/31 c34 Chris
That last line is so raw “The lightbringer had returned to heaven” that shit goes hard
4/1 c34 InfinityMask
Damn. Epic cliffhanger. Hahaha. Hope damien wipe everyone involved. And Gabriel didn’t “fall” like in the games goes on. Speaking of that masterpiece, I still waited for the update of that story hahaha.

Back to reviews. Love this chapter. Michael outbursts, Sirzech reveals, Domain expansion of those two kyuubi, the sea serpent of the end, the annoyingly perfect cliffhanger and so many other epic scenes in one chapter. Good job as always.
4/1 c34 2Wreck Hell
Lets fucking goooo
4/1 c34 RoyalTwinFangs
Nice chapter here.
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