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for Deal with the Devil

3/31 c34 3dragonmanb
Thanks for the update. i hope more chapters flow like water, but no pressure. take your time.
3/31 c34 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
3/31 c34 M1stymix
mc could've retort michael by using his faction alone to deal with it since they alone would've caused tremendous damage by just doing hit and run
3/31 c34 Anikong
Thanks for the update and exciting chapter. Can't wait to see the confrontation between Damien and Rizevim next chapter.
3/31 c34 L0upGar0u
I love scenes like this, make them remember why he's the Da'at.
3/31 c34 Primarx
another great chapter, good place to end chapter too. thankfor update
3/31 c34 britton.lashley05
I need more
3/31 c34 Misaka Phenex
You devilish author even planning for a cliffhanger like this truly your devilish knows no bound
3/31 c33 shypunk
thank you for the chapter and for writing.
3/31 c34 mrwinterdk
3/31 c34 4Chronosign
By basing it off the True Longinus' Judgment power.
3/31 c34 Chronosign
The MC could probably reverse engineer Fairy Law by using the True
3/31 c34 1WOLF-GOST
hoo interesting
3/31 c34 batmanuchiha
...i figured the cliff was planned as soon as i saw the angel form too it's just too in character for you
3/31 c34 LordDarkness89
thanks for the chapter. cant wait to see how heaven react to angel damien
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