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for Deal with the Devil

11/27 c23 SurplusHook
Looking forward to more
11/27 c23 arjunnagarajan2
great chapter
11/27 c23 Amaterasu1991
Now i really cant wait to see what comes from this. Well done
11/27 c23 Rexus Draconoid
Love the chapter thank you
11/27 c23 13fg7dragon
Loved how you dealt with Euclid. Very fitting.
As for Rias getting the Boosted Gear, I'm afraid a lot of people saw that coming, after Damien poached both Akeno and Shirone, given that he seemed to actually like and want to help Rias. I assume she didn't get Kiba as a Knight yet. Or will you genderbend him like you did Vali?
11/27 c23 Temsen
Damn, Rizevim is completely insane. But he is consistent in his actions, which makes him rather.. likeable(?). A proper antagonist, not a shitty one-dimensional villain.

Lol, poor Runeas.
11/27 c23 1KnightBloom
Loved this chapter so much, and listening to the Pain Theme from Naruto made it even better I must say
11/27 c23 evilstatistic19
Good chapter looking forward to the next one
11/27 c23 Elpit0tai
Gracias por el grandioso capitulo.
11/27 c23 nightwing445963
getting an update from you always makes me happy
11/27 c23 2BingbongBingity
Always great
11/27 c23 Apathy Incarnate
That last bit was fucking hilarious.
11/27 c23 Kaliedo
The dialogue could have used a bit more work but it was a fun chapter.
11/27 c23 HectorFenyx
Gracias por el cap
11/27 c23 rqspears
This is one of my favorite fics! I like the way this talk with Sirzechs went and I want to see him debriefing the other Satans. Everyone else reacting to Damian’s awesomeness is always great to see
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