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for Deal with the Devil

11/28/2022 c23 Freddielebron
That last option lmaooo
11/28/2022 c23 Anikong
Amazing chapter as always. It had much more comedy than usual as well which was great to see. Damien calling Sirzech's Mr Win some lose some made me laugh so hard, cus so its so true. Can't wait for the Grayfia pov and her talk with Gretal next chapter.
11/28/2022 c1 mandvisahuxx111
Please continue writing this for a while
11/27/2022 c23 mandvisahuxx111
GodouchI love you.
No homo
11/27/2022 c23 Farhani
I love the twist man, let's goo.
11/27/2022 c23 heavenlymaelstorm
bro continue this even if it is rushed its still good
11/27/2022 c23 Uday Sra
Awesome chapter
11/27/2022 c23 sao for life
Exciting conclusion to the latest chapters and a very amusing Rias well done.
11/27/2022 c23 roymustang949
good job for the chapter, as always it is fun to read all your works, btw from the partern next is The game must go on right?
11/27/2022 c23 1Deltablacknaruto
If you need names for the malbranche, try the burning abyss archtype from Yu-Gi-Oh
11/27/2022 c23 Thanlong90
ok, I'm not really that caught up with the novel or anime, what or who Damien imply that have camel fetish?
11/27/2022 c23 Acqua OfThe Back
Muchas gracias por el capítulo, espérate por el siguiente
11/27/2022 c23 CandyMaster
ahhhh new chapter, and fresh off the oven, i enjoy it so much
11/27/2022 c23 LordDarkness89
good job on rizevim. I like his character in your story, he's insane but controlled
11/27/2022 c23 LordDarkness89
great chapter, i like it that you don't cramp it all in one chapter
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