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4/1 c34 2Lord of Seven
I feel like this war will reshape the entire biblical cosmology into... whatever it is it will become. The idea that the leader of the devil faction also happens to be the strongest archangel will break a lot of people's mind for sure.

Oh, and I can't wait to see Rizevim gets the ass beating he finally deserves.
4/1 c34 1Nai Darkor
I just hope you update soon because this cliffhanger is entirely too much !
4/1 c34 Uday Sra
3/31 c34 3dragonmanb
Thanks for the update. i hope more chapters flow like water, but no pressure. take your time.
3/31 c34 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
3/31 c34 M1stymix
mc could've retort michael by using his faction alone to deal with it since they alone would've caused tremendous damage by just doing hit and run
3/31 c34 Anikong
Thanks for the update and exciting chapter. Can't wait to see the confrontation between Damien and Rizevim next chapter.
3/31 c34 L0upGar0u
I love scenes like this, make them remember why he's the Da'at.
3/31 c34 Primarx
another great chapter, good place to end chapter too. thankfor update
3/31 c34 britton.lashley05
I need more
3/31 c34 Misaka Phenex
You devilish author even planning for a cliffhanger like this truly your devilish knows no bound
3/31 c33 shypunk
thank you for the chapter and for writing.
3/31 c34 mrwinterdk
3/31 c34 4Chronosign
By basing it off the True Longinus' Judgment power.
3/31 c34 Chronosign
The MC could probably reverse engineer Fairy Law by using the True
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