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for Deal with the Devil

3/20/2022 c11 Yay-man
3/20/2022 c11 Crapcase39
You really need to start adding question marks after a question.
3/20/2022 c4 scyfly
why not cast a fidelius on all of your magic? make you feel as if you are a muggle
3/20/2022 c11 CounterGuardian998
This is my favorite fic from you.
Hopelly it won't become a multiverese crossover fic.
Although traveling to the original DxD world would be amusing.
Keep up the good work.
3/20/2022 c3 scyfly
tbh i kinda dislike how he can learn anything made up. for example wouldnt haki be some kind of chakra or touki? there is so many magic in dxd and you added on to even that, even though it couldve been easily replicated within the current systems
3/20/2022 c11 Lesancapo
Thanks by the chapter.
3/20/2022 c2 scyfly
bow can they consistently preform these experimentd if conception is so hard?
3/20/2022 c11 Juninho40028922
Thanks for the chapter
3/20/2022 c1 scyfly
who do you think tom riddle trusted enough to help him develop occlumency?
3/20/2022 c11 1Gresleg
Thanks for the chapter.
3/20/2022 c11 frankieu
ncie chapter thx for writing it
3/20/2022 c11 MarkuzBlack
Thanks for the chapter
3/20/2022 c11 Kazuto Tetsuya
The more I read, the more I love.
3/20/2022 c11 Guest
Marcas Dammin, are you high? Dxd is filled with op bastards at every corner. You really need to stop wanking naruto.
3/20/2022 c11 ClassHole
Awesome chapter! Was pumped to see this updated. Frankly I'm about 10x more interested in this story than your other one these days. Please focus more on this one, it's a real gem!
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