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3/31 c34 1WOLF-GOST
hoo interesting
3/31 c34 batmanuchiha
...i figured the cliff was planned as soon as i saw the angel form too it's just too in character for you
3/31 c34 LordDarkness89
thanks for the chapter. cant wait to see how heaven react to angel damien
3/31 c34 aguastar
Good chapter
3/31 c34 Knaruto
holy shit. wonderful end there
3/31 c34 T-B-R
you don't just drop a cliffhanger like this bruh, I wont even say good chapter.
3/31 c34 NecrorexSparda Juubi-No-Kishin
Well, time to give sonny a thorough beating, with sonny's own ripped off arms
3/31 c34 1lannon27
I loved this chapter but that Cliffhanger is criminal
3/31 c33 T-B-R
I didnt even realize the devils were there at the meeting?
3/31 c34 CRIMSON021
Thanks for the update! But FUCKKKKK this Cliffhanger huhuhuh I need more!
3/31 c34 mehran1374
holy moly monopoly , give us more
3/31 c34 Travis99
Enjoyed it, short though
3/31 c34 38Solaire38
Thank you for the great chapter, stay safe out there and keep up the good work!
3/31 c34 TehStorm
Awesome chapter! looking forward to see more!
3/31 c34 Dayside
Maan you're such a bitch for that cliff
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