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for Deal with the Devil

10/28/2021 c7 marveldcfanficlover
hope he really escape
10/27/2021 c1 1drkprince
does anyone hear someone whiningit doesn't work like that."...stop trying to bash other fics.. make something new or good.. and be better...don't be that guy who downs a beer and brags about his totally avg dick coz others dikss r smaller.. shouldn't drink and type too btw.. baaarfff
10/26/2021 c7 HectorFenyx
Gracias por el cap.
10/24/2021 c2 Guest
yeah i lost interest somewhere in the middle of this chapter ... why do you believe the life of a slave is interesting to read about ?

what a waste of my time
10/24/2021 c1 Guest
yeah i'm bored ... an entire chapter and basically nothing happened ...
10/25/2021 c7 1batmanuchiha
you know when i read thru chapter one i thought i would not like this story but then i made it here
10/25/2021 c7 3Phinehas
Damn, I am loving this story so far. You are a great writer but I have stopped reading your other story after a while as it became too boring. Now this story is much better and a lot less boring. Can't wait for more.
10/25/2021 c7 2gearhead2177
good job. hope to see more.
10/24/2021 c7 JKingSniper
Slaughter them aggg
10/24/2021 c7 Temsen
Best character this chapter was Gretel. It would've been really disappointing if Damien had completely shut down from his first major 'failure'. Good thing she pulled him up before that happened.
10/24/2021 c7 Guest
What's his end goal?
10/24/2021 c7 JustAFan123
Dude this is epic! Can't wait for Damian to just go crazy and end the old satan faction. * Doom Music Intensifies
10/23/2021 c7 Guest
A great chapter in terms of story progression, it was about time to wrap things up with the Old Satan Faction. If it went on for too long it would have just gotten tedious, and im sure peopple cant wait to read about Damien interacting with other peopple from outside the Old Satan Faction.

Also one question, since Damien will be building his own faction, will we see a lot of Serafall since she is the Satan of Foreign Affairs?
10/23/2021 c6 Guest
love it
10/24/2021 c7 deoxeyses
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