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8/9/2022 c19 TupanHD
Can’t wait for more. Thanks for the chapter
8/9/2022 c19 TOAA presence
thanks for the chapter!
8/9/2022 c19 Acqua OfThe Back
Confirmo que no conocía a Tomoe Gozen antes de Fate
Gracias por el capítulo
8/9/2022 c19 NECROMERCY
I loved the chapter thanks and Yasaka for the harem please it would also be interesting if he stays there with kunou and begins to see him as a father figure
8/9/2022 c19 ikusatsunagi
Thx for the chapter.
PS: Yasaka to the harem xD
8/9/2022 c19 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
fun seeing the old devils being forced to cave into the demands and release some of the yokai that where forced
8/9/2022 c19 Aselo
I agree with the seclusion thing but 100 years when you're 10000 probably isn't that major and I would assume divine sense might mitigate such things
8/9/2022 c19 Beburos
great chapter as usual. glad to see him progress his relationships instead of suffering from protag stupidity
8/9/2022 c19 HardKill07
Thanks for the chapter Cross-Sensei se agradece de verdad
8/9/2022 c19 Dayside
Man the devils are such a fucking shitshow. So many freaking factions inside a faction of a faction.
Christianity has 3 factions, devils have like fucking 6. Crazy stuff.
8/9/2022 c19 Redpanda1224
What about taking that miracle child when his parents get killed, and Jeanne.
8/9/2022 c19 NecrorexSparda Juubi-No-Kishin
You know I wonder how rivezim would react to reincarnating his pops, also surprised you aren't using nioh (video game) to strengthen the yokai, I mean if you can make a ten tails to produce a Chakra fruit, why not that spirit stones sword from nioh 2 that can turn hmm emotion, spirit energy, and senjutsu into a usable form? Or for vamps like gasper why not use code vein?
8/9/2022 c19 Omegalpha
It was all for naught however. Future Sight Archmage Worthless made it so that I could foresee and analyse any of her moves and make it useless even before she completed the spell. It only resulted in her thrashing around like a fish out of the water, uselessly without even being able to do anything. Her tails attacked me and the castle ground below us, tearing concrete as though cardboard but unable to move my Armament Haki covered body. he trying to recreate Yhwach's The Almighty? Cause what he just did seems like a potential groundwork for recreating The Almighty. Man, first Kyouka Suigetsu and now The Almighty, seems cool.
8/9/2022 c19 SurplusHook
Good chapter hoping for more
8/9/2022 c19 3savitarsurffer
I have to admit that the chapter is impressive and you are right. If Damien is as strong as you say if he were to fight for his allies he would become as much of a threat as a crutch. Obviously he doesn't want that. What use are allies if they themselves don't seek to grow in power?
Will Nue be treated in any way by him? that is to say he is a potential threat
I wonder what he will do about the devils. yes I know that breaking them is perfectly fine but I think he could make it clear that trying to kidnap yasaka's daughter would also hurt, right?
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