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9/4/2021 c3 56Neon dagger
9/4/2021 c3 frankieu
interesting story so far looking forward to more
9/4/2021 c3 MarkuzBlack
Good chapter, Thanks.
9/3/2021 c2 Siegfrized
M8 want to use number less, i mean he said 20% from control and another from m. Circles making it 34% ist it should be 36 or 40?( 100-20%(20))80-20% (16)64, mean ir reduces by 36 and 11 partition and random long number
9/3/2021 c3 Guest
Hopefully you emphasize his power increase next chapter. 200 doses of essence. Complete thrall of one of his teachers and now a Satan. He should be learning shit mega fast.
9/2/2021 c3 Guest
His first two deal, awww!
9/3/2021 c3 3massone22
you are a devil but I'm the devil. did anyone else get chills up their spine. and a not so shockingly boner as well.
9/3/2021 c3 Rosier1389
Oh god the ending was beautiful...As for Katerea's role shiping it for Mistress to serve him and his wives in future be it pleasure or anything else her arrogance won't go away that fast so humble her for a decade or century
9/3/2021 c3 smatt9411
Great job
9/3/2021 c3 Saik0Desame
This story so far earned my interest. I am waiting for your next great work, Oh author of the profecy.
9/3/2021 c2 BlaszczeM
Ah, damn 1 review per chapter. Chapter 3 had a few improperly used words, though it's not unreadable
9/3/2021 c3 BlaszczeM
HAAAAAAAAAAH! He said it, he said it, he said the title!
Well, I liked the chapter. The part with Dragon Magic was an interesting take, though at least for Ddraig and Albion it shouldn't apply (nor for the Dragon Gods). Unless their "all-out attacks" were leagues above their normal power. But otherwise, they should be above that limit of the dragon race, since they were rivals anyway. Their powers were direct counters to one another, where one Boosted endlessly, and the other Divided endlessly, both not caring about anything else. Dragon Gods are self-explanatory. Those two have no limits.
I quite liked the interactions, primarily Dummy(lol) with Vienna and Gretel. And it was cool how he bound Katarea. Though that part raised some questions - what exactly is Damien's power? I hope it's not his Essences. That'd be cheap, though I guess it's also the kind of thing the stingy asshole who dropped him in that place and nerfed his essences would do. Still, it'd be nice to have something unique. And as for the Asmodeus power - I guess it's interesting, though I'm not sure how deserving it is to be the power of an original Satan, unless it works wonderfully on beings like Angels and the like. Still, the power is really fitting - did you consult Ars Goetia? If you add more original powers, you definitely should.
9/3/2021 c3 JaimonDosFendu
That was perfect, 10/10, that's one worth the wait !
Only 3 chapters for now, and yet the pacing makes for a really good balance between world building and entertainment.
If you can maintain this quality every chapter without needing more and more time as the story advances, this will become a favourite of mine far above the rest !
Thanks for sharing with us !
9/3/2021 c3 darkpegasuzz
Nice chapter, I am wondering whether he is gonna go after any of the canon girls? (Rias, Akeno, etc.) And how much he will interact with Canon
9/2/2021 c3 12Sultan Asil Arslan-Hiatus
I loved the trait you made for the Lucifer line. Does it have an actual name? Really hope Damian gets it. And how would it interact with angels?
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