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5/25 c114 19Rialga
Considering the lineup you mentioned in your Spacebattles update, any one of those Shadow Servants is absolute overkill. Even with FE characters being superhuman in their own right, at this point in time, they're hopelessly outclassed... doesn't make them getting theirs asses kicked any less amusing though, ha ha.
Chances are, they'll be giving Goetia's offhanded comments/stories about his 'homeland' considerably more thought now that they've experienced for themselves how capable heroes of old can be. Especially if Goetia decides to regale them with brief tales of the original Servants' feats.
They'll also probably start wondering why he hasn't bothered making a new security force entirely of Shadow Servants to guard the monostary, heh.

Looking forward to the next chapter.
5/24 c114 Guest
Looking at the List of the servants confirmed by the author, yeah as nerfed as they are, this is overkill for a bunch of students to fight against. Only two were needed to defeat them fast and he even brought out a Ruler class servant!
5/24 c114 G
... I'm guessing Arash and Siegfried.
5/24 c114 Stardust
A one sided battle isn't really training, Goetia. But imagine if you train Byleth by facing those Shadow Servants.
5/24 c114 Soulbow109
I think Goetia may have overestimated the Eagles again. Or underestimated the shadows. That last bit does not look like things are going well for them. Ouch
5/24 c114 Reader
... You think this will give Byleth another training idea for the Blue Lions except have then fight Shadow Setvants?
5/23 c114 Guest
From Golem training to Shafow Servants. That is a huge escalation.
5/23 c114 Lily
Well, that went completely well. For the Shadow Servants.
5/23 c114 HerrLepan
I would love to see how the Black Eagles react to this unstoppable force, maybe they even get curious about their backstories and get inspired. But seriously, any servant even if you take away all their special abilities can win through sheer skill. Sic a servant on Felix and he will turn into masochist as he screams subarashii while he gets pummeled.
5/23 c114 4Voidborne II
Author has confirmed the identities of the 8 Shadow Servants:

Saber: Siegfried

Archer: Arash

Lancer: Benkei

Rider: Alexander

Caster: Paracelsus

Assassin: Sanson

Berserker: Lancelot

Ruler: Jeanne d'Arc

Suffice to say, the Black Eagles were NOT winning this one.
5/23 c114 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Oof! Seems like the Black Eagles still have quite a ways to go eh? Looking forward to how they may or may not end up improving through these rigorous exercises/drills.
5/23 c114 RavenousKing
Finally something other than golems, they're too rigid for their training after all.

Eight shadow servants huh… had to double check that statement cause I thought you would based the shadow servants on each of the seven regular classes. But since there is eight shadows that would not make sense.

The sword wielding Shadow Servant is Siegfried just based on Edelgard's description of him. As for the Archer Shadow Servant I would guess it is Emiya, since we didn't get any physical descriptions on the Archer this is nothing more than a shot in the dark. The reason why I chose Emiya because of the Shadow Servant leaping through the air and shooting arrows mid air reminded me of some of his fights in the anime.

The Black Eagles reaction on the Shadow Servants will be interesting in the next chapter. Since Goetia already told them that the Shadow Servants are already weakened, but they got easily dispatched anyway at the start of the battle despite the strength reduction.
5/23 c114 raymond49090rc
Mayhaps 8 shadows servants from the get go was a bit overkill. Well at least they’re improving.
5/23 c114 Guest
Oh lord that’s a rough beat down. EIGHT shadow servants with one maybe being Lancelot? Ouch lol.
5/23 c114 Artyk04
Thanks for the chapter! These mock battles will provide them with experience, something that they need. Also, I wonder who these Shadow Servants are modelled after?
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