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for Demon in Fodlan

2/3 c103 1MasterDarkElf
On one hand, whatever is making Goetia go 'OH SHIT' is VERY bad for everyone. On the other, these two finally made up! Makes me really happy. As for his fear, I am guessing something Lemegeton did, or he himself, has been detected. In some capacity at least.
2/3 c103 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Fantastic chapter and loved the apology By made. Gah why must she be so cute in her own stoic way?!

As for Goetia freaking out? Now I’m nervous too.
2/3 c103 1Archangel Xireon Chaos God
welp. we finaly shall whitness Goetia be on dat no fuqshiyut mode now. ima bring popcorn next chappy. Beast 1 goin apeshiyut on pointless deflections and deceiving everyone. all on table. table breaking NOW.
2/3 c103 Dandaman5
Hopefully this puts an end to the melodrama with Byleth, now we can get back to the actual story...
2/3 c103 solacefall
If sothis is a machine god, then i want to see a reaction from the other machine gods like apollo and artemis
2/3 c102 Guest
The plot thickens... but just as they were having a moment!
But Goetia just took Byleth's hand, so it gets a pass!
2/3 c103 spartan-140
Ohh shit was that a case of, " i hear and speak like a native but i myself am not " type
2/3 c103 Guest
For those who don't understand. NANOMACHINES SON! Klironomia is probably why Goetia panicked.
2/3 c103 For'Sleep 3rd

If Sothis is Machine God, what her Greek name then? There no way is Kronos since it's Male

Wait...Nasuverse always Genderbend some Legend so it make sense...
2/3 c103 Awarboah
For the guy below me

Goetia seems to have spoken in another language which is why Byleth asked two he did that with his lips
And understood what he said
This goes back to the theory that Sothis is a machine god
2/3 c103 1runelt99
Feeling kinda dumb cuz I have no idea what he realised
2/3 c103 9ArticHaze
oh shit...
2/3 c103 For'Sleep 3rd
When Goetia said Oh Shit itself, we know that really very serious matter
1/29 c102 HerrLepan
1/26 c102 Guest
With the title, I thought it would be a different type of thirsty, but this works well.
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