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2/24 c105 19Rialga
Felt good seeing Kronya on the receiving end of Goetia's wrath. Now to see if she proves useful to him in spying on the others, though I'm sure Goetia can still manage the situation even without her around if he took things a step further.
Still, Lemegeton sure did well in covering his tracks, though the fact Kronya's memories of him were flat out destroyed is suspicious in and of itself to Goetia. Wonder if that means the two will finally have some kind of meeting relatively soon.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
2/24 c86 10Primordial Inscriptor Z-09
i love these insults and petty arguements Goetia gets into
2/23 c105 Reader
So both Sothis and Goetia can both agree that she should never awaken back as a Machine God cause that would spell disaster. It is nice to see Goetia at least accept that humanity would not want the kind of help otherworldly beings like himself and the Machine Gods would offer since it would be too costly.

Goetia and Sothis are finding more common ground, the latter terrified of becoming something like Goetia. I would say that is impossible... until I remember how she was like in Three Hopes and Fallen Female Byleth, the mannerism and behavior REALLY are similar to Goetia's.
2/23 c105 Reaper200851
Goetia estimating Sothis's power as greater than his in his prime, including the bands of light, as well as being a Machine God... doesn't really make much sense. Chaos himself is the only canonical Machine God who's stronger than Goetia, and the gap between Goetia and the rest of them is large enough that he could theoretically fight all of them at once and probably win. To put it simply, Zeus was not merely the strongest of the Machine Gods originally, who ended up fighting the first generation that Goetia somehow thinks would be stronger than him, and winning. He was the strongest, and then he absorbed the powers of all the others. And after all of that, even still, both Beast VII and Beast I were stronger than him, as directly stated by Beast VII saying she was second only to Goetia, even with Zeus in the picture. And going off of their actual feats as well, Goetia also has Zeus beat. The best feat I can think of for Zeus, not including the names he gives some of his attacks, as just because something is called anti-solar system, doesn't mean it actually is, is Zeus managing to beat Sefar. His lightning is also compared to Artemis's arrows, and while those were called "planet shatterers" in terms of what they've actually done, they're around island level or a bit higher. And this is consistent considering how many times her arrows are deflected by various Noble Phantasms. Sefar's feats include soloing most of the pantheons on Earth, and over an extended period of time incinerating 80% of the Earth's surface. Goetia's feats in his prime include incinerating pretty much the entirety of the Earth's surface, simultaneously throughout the past 3,000 years. And in the process one-shotting pretty much all of the pantheons that existed in those 3,000 years.

So, in terms of sheer destructive potential, prime Goetia has Zeus, the strongest of the Machine Gods even before his merging, including the Titans, but not Chaos, after his merging with however many other Machine Gods, beat. In terms of survivability Goetia also has him beat, Ars Paulina is kinda overpowered. In terms of versatility, Zeus is a bit more comparable potentially considering how many Authorities he has, but at the very least this specific Goetia has apparently mastered pretty much every form of magecraft, so he should have Zeus beat there as well. And that's not even taking into account the seventy-two familiars that prime Goetia had that were each relative to Divine Spirits. Who were all also functionally immortal.

I've noticed that a lot of the community seems to think that most of the Part 2 threats are somehow stronger than prime Goetia, probably due to recency bias, or maybe the recent parts just built up the new enemies power better in some people's mind. But quite honestly, the only antagonist's in Part 2 that I'd say are on the level of Beast I or higher are Chaos, Beast VII, and the Spider. The only reason Goetia was beat is because a Noble Phantasm that was literally used to unmake anything Solomon made appeared. And even then the only reason said Noble Phantasm worked was because it wasn't really a Noble Phantasm and was instead the actual item sent to the future from the past.
2/23 c105 Lily
... Wait, does Lemegeton's plan involve using Machine God Sothis to remake humanity in Fodlan like she did in the past, but with nanomachines instead to make them immortal perfect beings?
2/23 c105 Louie Yang
Sothis Goty support goes brrrrr
2/23 c105 Metal Vile
So what happens when Goetia finds out the Agarthans are the ones who messed up Lysithea's life?
2/23 c105 Talon-The-Turncoat
2/23 c105 Stardust
Looks like Kronya bit more than she chew and now she's forced to be Goetia's lackey. You often forget that he can revert back to his old Demon King days when he wants to be or just be like the typical magus.

And Sothis and Byleth moment is everything I need. Which makes me wonder if Sothis will survive to witness the war phase.
2/23 c105 Guest
Aww...he really does care about Sothis.

The fact he wouldn't even entertain the idea of the "easiest solution" to a potentially re-awakened Machine God, to rather keep her away from her original power and preserve her humanity...

Not to mention that little heart-to-heart between Sothis and Byleth, truly, amazing, that's some real good emotions right there.
2/23 c105 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Omg! I loved this. It was great. I look forward to what Kronya (hesitantly but if she lives who cares right?) will be digging up for Goetia or if he ends up having other “assignments” (lol since he’s a teacher now and all?) for her down the line? Either way, it’s all bound to be interesting no matter what happens!

I also enjoyed the inner self-reflection that Sothis had here at the end, along with Byleth saying that Sothis shall always have her trust. There’s just something about that simple sentence that really resonates with me. Sure Byleth cannot emote too well, but if she could, that sentence would’ve been given with a small smile and a comforting aura.

But yeah, really loved how you’ve altered the lore and combined it with Fate elements along with still staying true to all of it. It’s just absolutely perfect! Hope to see more soon!
2/23 c105 HerrLepan
yay, good character development for sothis and kronya. I appreciate you diving deeper into the motives of the Agarthans.
2/23 c105 Gil Kaiser
So Sothis got similar treatment to Zeus
2/23 c105 Changeling501
Still not your problem Goetia? I guess only an attack on Goetia or the students he cares about will spur him into action
2/23 c105 Terracotta Tortilla
Great chapter. Yeah, Sothis is worrying over things that hopefully won't be needed to be worried about. As long as her power doesn't recover or it isn't usurped by The Agarthans/Their benefactor, it should be fine.

Nemesis's host could currently be partaking in god blood at the moment, we have no clue.
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