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2/13 c104 Lily
Finally, he is getting involved in the plot even though it is for a different reason.
Also, leave it to Goetia to be more concern of a potential crisis than the fact he barged into a woman's room while she's changing. At least he has his priorities straight.
2/13 c104 For'Sleep 3rd
Thanks for the chapter XD

wait, if Time manipulation is just side of one of her power... Welp, she definitely not Cronos.

Clearly seh older than that.
2/13 c103 Guest
Weirdguyone the most agree with is the time manipulation as you said time doesnt really matter to the gods especially olympians the only reason they didnt use to their advantage so much like preventing their blah blah blah is because they literally cant because of counter force if they ever manage to prevent something using time and change something counter force would cancel it just like artoria dream of not becoming a king using holy grail aint possible because even if she wished it it is only for a matter of time before counter force say Na ah and revert it back and as you said the only reason some timeline was able to use 'time' as advantage and change something is because of lostbelt and singularities but look at how it turn out counter force literally said fuck you and considered them waste timeline waiting to be reuse and if they somehow repel the counter force chaldea said fuck you next.
2/13 c1 Guest
Weirdguy while i agree and disagree to some of your point. I think the only reason sothis 'lose' is because despite being a machine god she'e too 'human' compared to the other machine god. She trusted humans too much giving them power beyond their wildest dream and when things get messy she still trusted them until it's too late where the only she could do is wipe them out reset, but as i said too late and too human. The world was already too ravaged and sothis being too human use all her power as a machine god to heal it.
2/13 c104 Guest
Finally...Goetia is now invested in the plot, if nothing else, to find Sothis' true body.

Hoho, looking forward to what's coming next. Things are gonna get shaken up even more, and I am all for it.
2/13 c104 Guest
Truly, Goetia really is his father's son.
2/13 c104 Stardust
Somehow Goetia invoked the classic walk-in cliche and still ignore the fanservice in favor for more pressing matters. Though Jeralt will have a 'talk' with Goetia if he ever saw him dragging Byleth by the arm.
Now he has to scare a mole girl.
2/13 c104 Abyss Emperor
Escalation! The boulder has been pushed and down the mountain it goes! Where it’ll stop no one knows!
2/13 c104 njgronlund
... Poor girl doesn't stand a chance. XD
2/13 c104 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
OMG! I’ve only gotten small glimpses of knowledge about the Olympian Machine Gods, but imagining Sothis as a former one of those along with the consequences of what occurred back in the past, oh dear… This definitely does not bode well at all. Minor miscalculation? I’d say it’s a major one, but considering Goetia’s knowledge and expertise, it makes sense that this would be seen as “minor” compared to other things. But! If Sothis’s machine body was lost, could that mean that what we know about the Agarthans and their hidden base: Shambhala, could that be a fragmented piece oof perhaps even the husk of Sothis’s former body? It would explain the Javelins of Light, and all the technological prowess the Agarthans have at their disposal… Not to mention how they hide underground…

Things are getting extremely interesting now! I’m so excited for what lies ahead.
2/13 c104 Talon-The-Turncoat
2/13 c104 HerrLepan
big revelation.
2/13 c104 HelloEver22
This is a heavy revelation, though at least supposedly time is, well, not with them but not against them either
2/13 c104 4PhoenixClaw2128
Looking forward to Goetia’s next encounter with Kronya then, that’ll be interesting.

Also, I’m guessing Shambala might actually be Sothis’ machine body and Those Who Slither are using it as their base? That or it’s still just one of their ancient fortresses, and her body is elsewhere.
2/13 c104 3WeirdGuyOne
Machine Gods. Some of the absolute worst ideas Fate has ever concocted and one idea that authors who need to powerscale verses absolutely love throwing in as a curveball from literally NOWHERE.

If Sothis was a Machine God, Goetia would've literally sniffed it out 50 chapters ago.

And if Sothis was a Machine God, literally nothing in Fire Emblem would've caused any issues, even all of Humanity of Fodlan banding together. Their magic and magecraft equivalents are inferior, they don't have Servants, and the Machine Gods were also facing Gods on the same level as them to exist.

Sumerian Mythology alone is powerful enough to fight the Olympians within Fate, Amaterasu existing wholly above them. Fodlan does not have these Gods, and if they did then Sothis would've been obliterated during the war.

Goetia's concerns about time are also ironic considering he can, at nearly any point, create a bounded field that ignores such time manipulation on macro scale. Time manipulation is NOT special for Gods or Goddesses in Fate and it is NOT something they concern themselves with. The reason Goetia was able to fuck with the Human Order was not because of time manipulation, but because of the effects singularities and lostbelts have upon Human Order.

Which is unique to them and not something caused by time manipulation.

Norikata Emiya was able to make time manipulation fields that aged and reversed objects hundreds of years. And he's human.

Amaterasu grabbed Hakuno from a few thousand years in the future and dragged Hakuno TO THE PAST to talk to them.

Gods of sufficient strength aren't even on the Time Axis to begin with, and Amaterasu is not the only one.
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