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2/13 c104 TheDemonLordsAccountant
Goetia at the end:
'puts on demon mask'
"Time to go scare a child."
2/13 c104 YermakGundyr
Goetia setting the mood for the lore dump by pulling a Chrom on Rhea lmao
2/13 c104 Purple Zero
Ah, so Sothis is an upgraded Poseidon class? a Planetary Environment Modification Plant-Ship but with Kronos Crown mod for temporal control?
2/13 c104 6Vanishing Trooper
Goetia barging in while Rhea was changing just shows that he is Solomon's son.
2/13 c104 Changeling501
Tftc worth the wait. At least Goetia is now taking an active stance against the Agarthans. Excited for more
2/13 c1 9ArticHaze
god damn... what a reveal
2/13 c104 Dhestrya
2/9 c103 WispyFrost
oh shit
2/5 c103 HelloEver22
Goetia becoming more Human while not truly kniwing is pretty funny
2/4 c103 Lily
The plot happened just as those two made up. All that is missing is the interrupted kiss moment.
2/4 c103 Abyss Emperor
Man that was fun and sweet seeing Byleth, Sothis, and Goetia interact again. Along with the others before. But that cliffhanger at the end. It's going to be a pain to wait for the next update but the bombshell that's coming is going to be glorious.
2/4 c103 Changeling501
Tftc. Goetia's been really unpredictable lately, it's really cool to see him develop.
2/4 c103 Stardust
Finally! They made up. It's actually cute that Byleth didn't mind Goetia's original outfit and found the contrasting image to his intelligence pretty funny. And Goetia's reaction to her apology and bakery treats are surprisingly sweet, considering how pretty much hates people apologizing to him because he views them as looking down on him. The ship is still sailing.

But alas, revelations mean the plot is happening, and probably dire now Goetia guesses that Sothis was a machine god at some point.
2/4 c103 Elyrrhia
I can't think much of this chapter beyond "Ow O\"
2/3 c103 Guest
Nooooooo it was so cute I was so happy it felt like the awkward ship was finally making progress only to have an oh shit moment happen
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