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for Demon in Fodlan

12/14/2023 c98 Skywolf99
mind remember memory, bit on the nose don't you think. but if it works it works i suppose
12/13/2023 c98 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
12/13/2023 c98 EnmaKozato20
Mundatorem when are you going to update your story of "Right Place, Wrong War" it's been months and I'm really looking forward to the next part!
12/13/2023 c98 Terracotta Tortilla
With the mention of Sitri, along with the implication that an existence like Goetia is required to remember the time skip, I believe he's trying not to let himself get too excited/worried about a possibility making itself known. That there may be another like him out there. (he doesn't know about his subject with a hard to spell name starting with L who calls him King)

"It can't be! Don't get your hopes up!Goetia, right now
12/13/2023 c98 Bucio
Well, now we see the reaction to the return of Byleth group, who in addition to dealing with Miklan, had to deal with an ambush of Demon Beasts that went to recover the body of the leader of the bandits (obvious precautions of Lemegeton), and among that , and possibly what Goetia can deduce, after observing the fight between Byleth and Miklan (through her and Sothis's memories - perhaps she and the goddess, if Goetia spell allows it, could interact and talk to him, while while Look at the memories), maybe he could deduce that someone injects Miklan with Dragon's blood, which allowed bypass the need to have a Crest as a condition for using the relic

Although possibly it was not at its full potential, because while Divine Blood is a powerful medium, it does not compare how there would be when having a Crest (which will have the same or more concentrated Divine Power), which would indicate that in addition to Sitri there is another member of Goetias race alive and helping, with their knowledge, to the rebels against the Church (which would do that an important issue for our protagonist, in addition to his reaction by deducting that possibility)

In addition to seeing that Seteth continues to protect Flayn too much, because as Goetia supposes, she should also present in that meeting and be aware, being something that relates to her race (the blood that Lemegeton injected in Miklan), and she is not supposed to also have healing skills?

Also seeing Goetia offering his help with the injured (and noticing the possible kinship between Gilbert and Annette), and while his pretext, err, reason does not convince Rhea and Harold (of Goetia's criticisms about the clergy, who don't take Goetia's criticism very well, or he interfering with their jobs - to cure people/direct how to deal with the injured, in addition to Goetia, putting Dorothea as his second in command, for her ability to deal with people, something he lacks, allowing Goetia to focus on the most complex things; mmm, I wonder if Dorothea's friends would question her later about, we could say, her sudden closeness with Goetia -), at least his help accelerates things enough (and Goetia need to continue with his plans for Abyss too)

Seeing also as Goetia, in his talk with Harold, he has noticed how much his relationship with Harold has progressed, whose presence Goetia does not dislike it (you could almost say that Solomon's son appreciates the former guard, which makes Harold part of a part of a select Group - Lysithea, Flaynn, Dorothea and Byleth - having still some tension between her and Goetia, for the lack of reaction or Byleths way of acting to see him again, which causes great discomfort to the former Demon King, hopefully they can fix their differences, after the talk about Miklan - )

Good luck and keep it up
12/13/2023 c98 HerrLepan
Very good. About time Goetia flexes his prowess.
12/13/2023 c98 29Apex85
Yes! More Harold!

Also, Goetia being shook. Hopefully they manage to shed some light on it.
12/13/2023 c98 Dhestrya
12/13/2023 c98 Changeling501
Nice chapter. I do hope it's not just a flashback chapter next.
12/11/2023 c25 TheDragonGodEmperor
shit you really know how to hit ones emotions huh
amazig little sidestory i even cryed
12/4/2023 c97 Lily
Goetia holding a seminar will be interesting just by seeing who will attend.

Wonder how Goetia and Byleth reunion will go considering what happened when they last saw each other.

And they think Goetia was high is a perfect response.
12/3/2023 c97 Guest
Finally, more magical lectures from Goetia. Also his conversation with Edelgard takes a whole new meaning with her planning for war.

If we didn't know how crazy Nasuverse can be, we'd also think he was high.
12/3/2023 c97 Reader
Surprise that they return to the Monastery with little issue, though with this far into the story, we are approaching the Flayn kidnapping arc.

Who wants to bet that Goetia will start carving the Servant pieces? Comes with a Lion suited king Artoria. All three versions!

And why do I get the feeling g the Golden Deer stumble onto something inane if that earlier omake with Musashi was any indication?
12/3/2023 c97 Guest
Just out of context and Goetia's stories really feel outlandish in that omake.
12/3/2023 c97 Dhestrya
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