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3/16 c107 Lily
Finally, we are getting to the battle of the eagles and lions in just a month. Hopefully, nothing crazy happens before that.
3/14 c107 Lily
Wonder if Flayn would be spare from being kidnapped now she create bounded fields and Lemegeton finding a more useful source?
3/15 c107 Luxo11
I dont understand how people can see what goetia has done and be like naw he aint all that
3/13 c107 Guest
Of course the best way to win Byleth's heart is to best her combat. If that fails, the ball is another method.
3/13 c107 Elyrrhia
Goetia calling gauntlets barbaric is just hilarious. Guy threw hands as much as he slings spells. His greatest feat against the King of Magecraft is literally punching him into donut.

King of Demon Gods Goetia, the very foundation of modern thaumaturgy, so interlinked with Magecraft that he could be considered a god of it. Best known as that one boss who cast fists.
3/13 c107 Trinity
Ah yes, the battle at gronder. The event before everything slowly goes downhill before the war.
3/13 c107 Reader
Looks like Claude's plan to recruit Goetia before the Battle of the Eagles and Lions failed. Good news is, he gets to experience what the Blue Lions did during their mock battle with Goetia.
3/13 c107 Stardust
Wow, we are just halfway through the academy arc. And Flayn hasn't been kidnapped yet.

I know he agreed to help the Black Eagles but imagine if he's forced to help the Golden Deers due to Manuela being stabbed by Jeritza and recovering from it.
3/13 c106 Metal Vile
Goetia choosing the Black Eagles over the Golden Deer actually does make sense when you take a moment to think about it. He has established connections with almost every student from class aside from Caspar and Petra. Plus, being on a different team from Lysithea leaves him the opportunity to test her capabilities personally under "real" battle conditions, should the opportunity present itself.
3/13 c107 HerrLepan
Great work as always, thanks for the chapter!
3/13 c107 Isi 117
SetethBetween you and Professor Eisner, who would you say is stronger?"

GoetiaIf i were to face her at her full might while i hold my self back by using only Foldan's school of magic she might give me a little trouble."

SetethBut would you lose?"

GoetiaNah, I'd win."
3/13 c107 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Good work. Enjoyed this. I’m very intrigued now that Goetis is going to join the Battle of the Eagle and Lion! What fun that’ll be! Also enjoyed Flayn’s after-class interaction with Goetia and to a neutral extent, his and Catherine’s.

It also seems that as a condition for choosing the Black Eagles to assist in the battle, he is to work with them for the coming month. How interesting. I’m sure some more intriguing interactions will occur. Especially when it comes to Edelgard and Hubert…
3/13 c107 For'Sleep 3rd
Did Goetia just doing Lobotomy Kaisen meme just now?
3/13 c107 Terracotta Tortilla
Quick, bust out the "thous" and "thees", the mildly illiterate people are having trouble reading.
3/13 c107 Changeling501
Oh yeah almost at the halfway point of the academy period.
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