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4/22 c111 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Enjoyable chapter. I find it quite interesting how it seems Edelgard is lessening her guard around Lemegeton. Although I can only surmise whether he’s an improvement over the Agarthans or somehow even more subtle in his manipulations than they are which is frightening to think about. Either way, I can only guess what he may want from our Agarthan-descended mercenary, Shez? Not to mention whether this could tie into what Harold read in that Abyss book on spell work (I think it was that) which was written by none other than Epimenides himself? Fascinating to think about regardless.

Another thing I’m interested in seeing is more interactions between Goetia and Kronya. While the latter is still rightfully fearful of the former, I can only surmise what she will learn based on Goetia’s suggestion/subtle demand to learn what she can about her own people that they have portrayed in their history. Then again it is logical to do such a thing. To have a more knowledgable asset far more informed on some things even if slight, would benefit himself and perhaps even Kronya too. But either way we shall see.

Enjoyed the small “bonding” with Hubert as well. Short and to the point but that’s his MO. Can’t wait for the next chapter!
4/22 c111 Dhestrya
4/22 c111 farrelspiral
4/17 c110 HerrLepan
yay, more plz
4/14 c110 Lily
With Goetia's intereactions with Edelgard makes me wish that she doesn't go down this path she is on, though considering it's the Azure Moon on Byleth's side of things, unlikely to happen. But what worries me is Lemegeton's interest in Edelgard and several characters remarking how similar she and Goetia are, makes me wonder the reason Lemegeton is interested in her because... she has the potential to be a Beast candidate.
4/14 c110 8Taken Kings
Regardless of how long it takes, I wish for Edelgard to have a bright, good ending. She doesn't have to continue on that bloody path where no one understands WHAT she faces and WHY. I've always hated that part about Three Houses. Where, regardless of which path you choose, the story never comes full circle.

That and where every path that isn't Edelgard's ends with her dead. The opening and ending songs are one and the same. They are HER song about how, regardless of her own feelings on the matter, she believes that she'll be left alone
4/14 c109 Reaper200851
David, not a warrior? Perhaps he's a slight bit more well known for his exploits against Goliath, but there's a reason the Israelites said "Saul has slain a thousand enemies; David has slain ten thousand." Or that one time where Saul basically asked David to kill a hundred Philistines, in an attempt to get David killed, at which point David decided to be an overachiever and kill two hundred. Or how it was mentioned in 1 Chronicles 14:17 "And the fame of David went out into all lands, and the Lord brought the fear of him upon all nations." All of this is to say, although King David is a bit more well known for his exploits against Goliath, he's still more famous than 90% of Servants who'd be considered "warriors" in terms of his more traditional military exploits. There's a decent chance he's actually more well known for his military exploits than King Arthur is known.
4/13 c110 Guest
Leave it to Goetia to be his father's son without even trying! The subtext flew pass him like any typical harem protagonist!
4/13 c110 Reader
With Jeritza mentioned in a long while, I wonder if the Death Knight will make his next appearance.
4/13 c110 Stardust
He may not admit it, but Goetia is quite competitive too.
4/13 c110 Dhestrya
4/13 c110 Guest
Looks like Goetia definitely has that dense harem protagonist senses whenever it concerns himself with the opposite sex.
4/13 c110 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Excellent work on this chapter as always! Enjoyed it a ton!
4/13 c110 1PersonaNinja Lux
i'm surprised theres no support level omake yet where byleth and co keeps trying to chase Goetia to level up their support level while a fightbis happening
4/7 c109 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Quite the enjoyable chapter. Have to say that I enjoyed the binding between Goetia and Petra the most whilst the ones with Dorothea and Caspar were second and third in the top three for this chapter. The one with Bernie somewhat counted, but I figured the more actual BOND of bonding that happens makes the list. Lol. Still, it was nice regardless to see the two helping Flauros learn to fly and get his prize. Cute! I do look forward to the next few interactions with Linhardt, Edelgard, Hubert, and the main man, Ferdinand von Aegir!
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