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for Homecoming's Last Dance

8/19 c1 70tiger002
I saw your post in the SL forum, and then saw that you were still writing, so thought I'd check out your newest story. I'm not overly familiar with Gravity Falls, but I really liked this one. Dipper's dialog really sounded like it was coming from him, and I really liked seeing how much he's grown up. I also really liked the emotions he felt, of first getting together with Wendy, of being sad she wasn't at the dance, to the joy of seeing her show up for the last dance. All really cute.

Anyway, hope you're doing well, it was good to see something from a familiar name after so long.
8/15 c1 ed
nice to see wendy and dip hook up! and to see mabes still has his back!
8/13 c1 ed
well i"ll be dipped!(sorry) they had a good time with no snafu! nice work!
8/14 c1 1johnnycatalina
Great story! Very well written and very in character. I really enjoyed this story!

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