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9/30 c2 Perum
This is going to continue right? It would be a shame to see this die so soon and have such a great idea go to waste.
9/1 c3 Sir Omega
Hopefully this will eventually continue.
8/27 c3 RandomGuest
Most intriguing.
8/21 c3 3Fyr RedNight
Great work on this story so far!
8/19 c2 Guest
IMO Stellaris has only gotten better. Maybe without DLCs it’s a bit bland, but with DLCs I can confirm it’s absolutely amazing. There are a ton of unique events (War in Heaven, Horizon Signal, Become the Crisis, etc.) and much more.

Another question, although I’m not sure if you can answer it, what crisis will we see? Does Jaune’s mission actually have something to do with the crisis?
8/18 c3 Perum
Thank God its the CoM. This would probably be a very boring story if it was the alien-loving hippies of the UNE who had discovered Remnant. Looking forward for more chapters.
8/18 c3 Guest
8/18 c2 DragonTetho
Huh, a CoM playthrough? Basically the Imperium of Man, this is very very nice.
8/18 c2 3NlaEid
So, after posting this, I suddenly get a wave of excellent and more interesting ideas as to how I could've executed this when I've been struggling to come up with something substantial in the past few days.

I want to throttle my muse.
8/14 c1 Guest
8/14 c1 Guest
Wow. I just randomly decided to check Stellaris/RWBY and there's actually something new. Hope this goes far! I would also like to know what empire Jaune comes from, if it even is canon. And will you be including DLC content? If so, which ones?
8/14 c1 Perum
Ok, I’m hooked. I’ve always imagined what a crossover between RWBY and Stellaris would’ve looked like but I never thought I would actually see one (And I certainly don’t have the courage to write one). Needless to say, i shall see how this develops with great interest.

Also, from which stellar nation Jaune hails from? The UNE? The Commonwealth? Or an original one?
8/13 c1 DragonTetho
Mhm, this is very interesting. I wonder from which canon empire did Jaune came from. Commonwealth of Man?
8/13 c1 LazyMan5503
keep it up

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