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9/17 c2 Ebonite27
Before you posting, and update your stories, it's very important to check for spelling, and grammar errors that are present. Proofreading is key!
9/7 c1 Yzyz
Very cutie chapter, i love this story so far!
8/29 c4 7Jonathan Cena OFFICIAL
I went without sleep so long that I died and now I'm a ghost haunting FFN, but at least you've finally brought my spirit peace. Thanks.

They won't let me move on until I write another 100,000 reviews though. The afterlife sure has gotten expensive, too many dead people I guess.
8/19 c2 Jonathan Cena OFFICIAL
When will I be able to sleep? It's been 5 days.

Sonic's issue sounds like a normal aura migraine to me. Maybe he should go see a neurologist.
8/14 c1 Jonathan Cena OFFICIAL
You're right, I do have questions. Where did the straw come from? Do the coconuts just have convinient straws taped to the backs of them like all-natural pouches of Capri Sun, or does Tails just carry straws around with him everywhere he goes like some kind of weirdo? I don't know if I'll be able to sleep until I get an answer.

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