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for Thick as Thieves

10/23 c7 2pirateangel27
This story is sooooo good.. I’m so glad you’re back to writing. Keep up the good work. I do wish we had longer training sessions with the Originals. But what you’ve done so far is good. Just keep them coming and I’ll keep reading ;)
10/2 c1 nekittam
Can you pls re-upload the last chapter is unreadable
6/28 c1 Jdrift51
This is a really great story and I can’t wait to read more!
3/7 c6 Guest
Loving this so much thank you making this awesome story please make more when you have time you so good at righting
1/21 c2 5PracticallyCharmed
Nice chp
1/21 c1 PracticallyCharmed
Neat chp
12/19/2021 c6 Guest
C’mon next chapter this is a great story
12/10/2021 c6 Guest
12/12/2021 c6 chimera629
Why were Klaus and Elijah punished ?
If the reason is what they are that's in their parents s not them so they be shouldn't have been on punished for that.
12/12/2021 c5 chimera629
Who held whinnies and why didn't he help
12/10/2021 c6 1MidlightPrincess
I really enjoyed what you have so far. Excited to read what happens next.
12/4/2021 c5 Guest
C’mon next chapter this is a great story
8/27/2021 c5 cooljay8888
Love this story! Update soon please!
8/19/2021 c4 8TheMysterious1ne
This is a cheesy predictable fanfic. But oh well..the TVD fandom is a bit dead so I might as well read more anyways. I’ll say 6/10.
8/17/2021 c5 Guest
So glad to see this story back. I hope you are able to keep writing.
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