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for Naruto: The Beast Monarch

6/24 c2 IchigoASO
I love how u scaled the beast monarch into the Naruto verse. Granted it feels a little nerved but still relative to what he would be at after 9 years IMHO. Naruto would be at average scaling continental threat, and can destroy the whole elemental Nation inhabitants in a week if he chooses at minimum aka as a low ball if we are talking solo in both cases.
5/28 c3 Guest
Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe that's the best way to break a Frenemy!
2/24 c3 wardog20
this is a great story ! and the lemon hot!
2/15 c3 zay.chu21
Ch:4 plz
2/11 c3 naruto
great chapter keep it up
2/12 c3 SPark681
Hmm, seems Naruto is a true alpha now anyways keep up the great work!
2/8 c3 1fighterzer
2/1 c3 Borello
interesting work.
2/3 c3 Jean Carlos1
good very good chapter
2/2 c3 4RT89
DAMN. Talk about taking over the house.
2/1 c3 Qhaq
Great Chap, keep up the awesome work
1/31 c3 4Oxy27
When this Naruto comes on all I can hear is DMX Ruff Ryders playing in the back. And the way you did Kiba was savage. I really like how you can play the charecter to their roll like Naruto is a beast and he does things that are beast like.
1/14 c2 4NoroiUchiha
This is great so far! Please keep going! The brutality of it all is SO fun to read!
1/11 c2 3tomthehero3
this is fucking amazing
1/8 c1 4Oxy27
This has major potential to be good and I like how you explored the beast monarch power because he died with 3 slashes lol but keep naruto a badass
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