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for First Year Was a Secret for a Reason

4/28 c6 Guest
Did you purposefully write things they actually do? Ride a dragon or centaur, break into the ministry and gringotts, find you who the marauders were, etc?
2/22 c1 Viviblack17
hey tried to find it on ao3 but I couldn't... did u delete it?
12/30/2022 c20 Ro
I habe got to say, I love this fan fiction story. I have read it over 5 times and it still remain in my top 3 favorites. I will never get board of it and it will never stop intertaining me.

Thank you.
12/18/2022 c23 CleverCatsofHogwarts1013
This is a simply brilliant story with a lot of great ideas. While most ‘read the books’ fanfics are not finished or not that interesting this one’s spectacular with just the right amount of humour. I really enjoyed it and finished it in a day. Thank you for spending time on this awesome story, Happy writing! :)
12/4/2022 c15 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
U thought that thro didnt u
8/31/2022 c23 scyfly
why are they cornering snape now? his behavior was more then clear its their own negligence that saw it ignored. they even say so but somehow that too is snapes fault?

damn this is the biggest pile of hypocricy ever.
8/31/2022 c22 scyfly
funny how the pain the second time seems to be even worse than the first. gods what a bunch of angst
8/31/2022 c21 scyfly
there really are a lof of quotes from the book that are so vague you almost need the book next to this
8/31/2022 c3 scyfly
it very weird the way ppl ignored the obvious but now suddenly get it shoved in their faces and act all outraged. a very out of sight out of mind attitude, you can just feel the love and care
8/31/2022 c1 scyfly
no one can get in trouble? well he just gave a free pass to every crime commited by the death eaters, even umbridge

ah magical binding oaths, also not used in trials.

if you gonna write a parody at least call it one
8/31/2022 c1 scyfly
a charm to verify whether writing is true, that is even more of a panacea than veritaserum. imagne how fast trials would go with that, umbridge sure would jump for this to come out
8/31/2022 c23 lorlorgrace
I absolutely LOVE this concept. I've never read anything like it! Thank you for sharing!
8/17/2022 c23 Pearlz08
I love the first year story
7/29/2022 c6 Belladonna12777
me, knowing they should all have chosen divination
7/28/2022 c1 1MADStar529
Found you from Ao3! Re-reading again!
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