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8h c74 52shari
Yes Jess knows that he needs to voice these thoughts in a book. He also knows something very off with Rory. I like his suggestions to Rory. Hopefully she will take them seriously and think them through and use to help herself. Yes Celeste tell her your take on the dream
8h c73 52shari
Interesting! What was the dream about? It did make Jess realize that he wants and needs to write a book.
A shame he turned down Celeste’s morning wake up greeting. Hopefully Celeste will understand
20h c75 lucylulu
Wowowowow such a hot chapter
Keep going
10/24 c75 3roganjalex
Absolutely entertaining I can’t wait to see the next chapter
10/23 c74 jordana60
I really enjoyed the last chapter, but I stopped getting update notifications for a bit, so I just saw it. This chapter shows the deep friendship Jess and Rory have. It may not always be active and current, but it’s always there. Jess’ ability to hone in on what Rory might be going through once he took the time to observe her was sharp. Also, he’s actually seeking the same kind of support and pride as he did with Rory but now he’s with the one who is the right one.
I hope Rory takes Jess up on his offer to edit or co-write his book. It might be just the thing she needs.
I love how Celeste brought up the dream to Rory. She’s a real trip!
10/23 c73 jordana60
I always loved that scene with Rory and Jess and you did an amazing job at recreating it through Jess’ eyes. I thought that tweed jacket Rory had on had to be one of the ugliest jackets I ever saw, except maybe the coat with the too short sleeves that she loaned to Doyle! Also, when Jess left her room, Rory laid on her bed and opened the book, but the next night she admitted to Logan that she hadn’t read the book yet. And if she didn’t want to stand outside with Jess, why was it okay to take him up to her room. Just some things that make you go hmmmmm!
I found Jess’ confusion over the intersection of these 2 women quite amusing, just imagining how jumbled his thoughts must have been! When he was able to get some clarity on the situation, it was really cool. His love of Celeste shone through.
10/23 c72 jordana60
I love that Finn encourages G telling her she is capable of handling this sale by herself without him, and I’m glad Celeste is going with her for moral support.
It’s nice Celeste gives G a safe place to talk about Finn . I have always made myself a safe place for my kids to talk about anything. I can see why it’s easier for G to talk about these things with Celeste than Rory. It’s like Celeste is the cool aunt.
It proved to be a really nice day for both ladies, and very productive.
The surprise celebration was a perfect way to end the day. It showed G that her family sees her and takes her seriously.
10/23 c74 lucylulu
I understand you can be not in a great place.
Keep writing even if it’s not your best work. And keep posting.
And about this one I’d love to see Rory and Jess working together.
And I love Celeste mocking about the dream
Can’t wait to read more. You are missed
10/21 c73 lucylulu
Such a strange chapter
Keep going
10/21 c73 roganjalex
Really interesting chapter but at the same time strange
10/21 c73 23Rori Potter
Aww! Update soon.
10/20 c72 Rori Potter
Oh wow. Update soon.
10/20 c72 52shari
Finn needing some quite time after the accident understandable. Not sure if G would understand.
A very big day for G. Nice that Celeste went with her and they had a nice time. The small celebration perfect
10/20 c72 lucylulu
Good idea for G to take Celeste with her.
YAY, she got the house.
And the surprise party at the end, beautiful, I bet it's both Rory's and Finn's idea
keep writing
10/19 c71 3roganjalex
Absolutely fantastic love Finn and Gigi
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