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1/17 c5 Isharioth666
Really disappointed in the rather lackluster interaction and influence especially the whole hiding thing with. a lot of stuff and the rather passive and forgiving behaviour...
1/17 c3 Isharioth666
He is way too tolerant to ron sadlycould at least mess with him if he behaves like that.

hermione still getting into gryffinddor makes no sense here. Should be in Ravenclaw too with his earlier interference... sadly. that isnt reflected.
would guess harry being in hufflepuff instead would make more sense too
9/25/2022 c4 Blackkirito
When will there be more and other people don’t trash talk the author they did a pretty good job on the gamer system and I would like more chapters pls and thank you.
9/15/2022 c5 RealOverlord76
Really good story. I hope you continue it.
8/23/2022 c5 Blackkirito
Will you be making more and will there be lemons
4/25/2022 c5 Josh Foster1
Should not be using lust aura
4/25/2022 c5 Josh Foster1
First of all there 11 for Christ sake they shouldn’t be more the good friends for a few years so there that story is interesting concept but keep in mind the age of the children else you’d be considered a pedo bear Gresleg And charcter interaction is so one sided they might as well be card board cut outs and the main character should be using lust aura on them either that’s fucking disgusting
4/16/2022 c2 TrumpasaurusRex
“I start to rub my temples, "And why must I marry your daughter?"

"Because goblin females can't leave our underground cities without a betrothal contract."

"So I won't be able to meet her and get her opinion on this. Is she even attracted to humans? And something I should have asked since I'm considering this, what is her name?"

"Her name is Belladonna. I have no idea what she is attracted to since she has spent her whole life in the underground city. Finally her opinion won't matter when they find out what she is and drag her through the streets naked to be executed in the arena."

Marrying a goblin? Beyond cringe.
12/30/2021 c4 Primarx
first chapter was rather boring tbh and difficult to get into, partially because of 1 years old speaking and training baby. further on story becomes more engaging and interesting. saw quite a few comments about ntr and people clearly have some weird understanding of what it means.
12/22/2021 c5 batmanuchiha
this has "potential" ahaha see what i did there
11/2/2021 c4 Guest
I can't believe you went with the disgusting, stupid, cliché trope of slytherin rape. There is no way this would be allowed to continue and also no way this wouldn't be known. There's literally paintings EVERYWHERE, and house elves that run around invisible, and suits of armor, and who knows what else.
That's not even including the fact that people are, in fact, capable or REMEMBERING some of the stuff that gets obliviated. memories can be restored.
There is NO WAY pure-blooded houses would a. allow their heiresses to be raped b. not have a way to ensure their purity.
This is making me drop this story, unfortunately.
10/27/2021 c5 BBWulf
10/26/2021 c1 3Zandaino-Nova-Ari
Spelling and a few grammatical mistakes here and there, as well as that laundry list at the end. This story has potential, but I think you are ruining it with how fast the character is developing, it’d be one thing if he was five when he ‘gained comprehensive capabilities matching that of an adult’ but by him being one when it happened is pretty off putting. It makes the story seem like a crack fic and the character being a ‘Gary Stu’ even if he is indeed ‘training’ to get there. He hasn’t fought any life or death battles to get where he is he’s basically a OP Isekai character right now.

I’d suggest the gifts be less than what they are except for the one from the Pendragon Line and Apollo one. The Titan Blessings would fit if it was a Sacred Gear but I think they should be nerfed especially when he is only 11
10/22/2021 c1 Guest

'nuff said.
10/20/2021 c1 1Galidor the Negative Tangerine
Well, while the goblins test kinda annoyed me the massive list of lineages that the MC has from Arthur Pendragon to multiple Gods completely drew me ojt of the story in the forst chapter.
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