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11/8/2023 c23 Joseph Vowels
10/30/2023 c1 5VoteDonaldJTrump2024
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10/29/2023 c22 Joseph Vowels
Glad your back can't wait for the next update
9/11/2023 c3 SoundVenom
In iway ivy does have point and looks like harley played like harp again.
9/11/2023 c2 SoundVenom
7/8/2023 c21 HMHdunkirk
Look forward to the coming chapters, always found Ivy/Batman interaction interesting and I like how to describe what Ivy was thinking and her fantasies. It's refreshing to see Ivy work closely with the Dark Knight, shame that there's only one seat in the cockpit, really want to see how different their interaction would be if they seat next to each other.
Just nitpicking, it is just hard to believe Ivy was not jealous of Catwoman, she always seemed to be that type of girl to me. XD
4/16/2023 c17 9GoatedReads
Updated Version of the chapter is up now!
2/24/2023 c14 Gundamfreedom0
Nicely done on this chapter. I do have a quick question and that is can there be a alternate scenario to this particular chapter for any future what if ideas for any of the chapters you have done?

For example what if Ivy had succumb to her own inner darkness and try to manipulate Batman for her own ideas before or after scarecrow’s plans had failed in the end? Update soon and excelsior my friend.
2/23/2023 c14 1godric777
Good chapter :)
2/23/2023 c14 Joseph Vowels
Another great chapter hope the next one comes doon
1/20/2023 c12 godric777
good chapter
12/15/2022 c8 godric777
Decent chapter :) Will Ivy find out in the end who Batman really is?
8/28/2022 c7 godric777
nice chapter
8/15/2022 c6 Joseph Vowels
Another good chapter can't wait for the next chapter
8/15/2022 c6 godric777
A decent chapter :)
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