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8/16/2021 c1 jobananasan
Awwwwwww...This is so sweet and heartwarming! They adore each other so much!

"Rukia did not think of herself as a poet. After all, Ichigo was always the more eloquent one of the two of them."-That's ironic since she gave the best speeches in the manga.

My favorite lines:
"Kurosaki Ichigo was as fiery and beautiful as the brightest day."
"They did not watch him glow in the sunlight and feel in their heart of hearts that he was a man worthy of all this world had to offer."
"He made her selfish. He made her want more than she ever thought she could. All she ever dared to want was him, every part of him, and he gave her all of it."
"Many people had teased him for being whipped. Ichigo didn’t really understand why that was seen as a problem. He loved his wife with everything he had. Wasn’t that a good thing?"
"Her love was like the moon, a bright point in the darkness of everything he’d endured. It held him together, made him want to be stronger, if just for her."
The whole story is beautiful but these lines really stood out for me. The sun/moon trope, the juxtaposition of her selflessness when it comes to others and selfishness for wanting everything Ichigo could offer, their love and passion for each other run so deep. These lines hit hard.

Love the fic! Thank you! :)

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