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9/23/2021 c5 Guest
good communication
9/23/2021 c5 Caren47
So many confessions from Ranger and that he could talk so much.
9/23/2021 c5 Fuzz79
Love the strong Steph. Great example for people who have been abused. It takes strength to vocalize your abuse for what it is! Love how Ranger has changed since he left town. Great chapter!
9/23/2021 c5 baileygirl12
Wow! What a great chapter! I can't wait for more.
9/23/2021 c5 40txbabefan
So many good things in this chapter. Steph getting the attack documented, therapy, looking at things through open eyes, Ranger opening up and being vulnerable, and them having an open dialogue.
9/23/2021 c5 Guest
This was an awfully short chapter, or it felt like it. Cnt wait to read more, please
9/23/2021 c5 melyons
Beautiful outfit for a lovely date.
9/23/2021 c5 Barb312
Excellent chapter. I am so glad that Steph followed through with a doctor and attorney. Joe will leave her alone for awhile but given his track record, he will start up again when he gets back. Especially if he sees that she is in a relationship with Ranger. Looking forward to how you conclude this story and hopefully your epilogue will be several years down the road for our happy couple. Thanks again
9/23/2021 c5 8Directorofchaos
I love that they both opened up! Well written.
9/23/2021 c5 ChristinaS
You are such a talented writer.
I was right there with Stephanie, as her emotions ran the gamut. Trepidation, comfort, resolution, sadness - were all there and more.

I was so happy to see your update, that I first made a coffee, got settled & then... relished!
9/23/2021 c5 2trhodes9
Good. She finally got the help that she's needed her whole life. I'm glad Ranger is letting her take the lead in how things move forward.
9/23/2021 c5 1Stephannie1014
Excellent chapter! I can’t wait for more!
9/23/2021 c5 Eva
Yeah she is letting Morelli get off too easily!
9/23/2021 c5 GarbanzoBeans
What a great date and wonderful conversation and the meal. Then the other shoe drops and the ugly story comes out but with Stephanie's firm control she has Ranger agreeing to leave matters lie. Great beginnings!
9/23/2021 c5 23Peritales
Such a wonderful date and conversation! Amazing talent, thanks for sharing.
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