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for Sons of the Bat - Story One: A Momentary Lapse of Judgement

6/21/2022 c2 Prisma19
I loved this! I love the boys relationship so much and I especially love Dick’s and Jason’s relationship and Jason’s and Tim’s relationship.

It’s a little creepy Babs can spy on them all with her camera but I get why she wanted to be able to and so does the rest of the family.

Poor Jason! Being all confused with his anger and hatred and his emotions. He needs a hug.

I love the things Tim said to Dick! They are very true. It does seem like Jason is also punishing himself.

I love how this is all going so far and I off to read the next part.
2/21/2022 c2 18Haro kzoids
Pasando por ahí. Es encantador y tu manejo de personajes aún fabuloso. Saludos
12/9/2021 c2 amort182
Great story!
10/4/2021 c1 Guest
welcome back, OMG so happy that you are writing again.
9/17/2021 c2 RenesmeVivio
Ahhhhhhhh that was satisfying. Reading my blue boy Dickie and his caring for his bros. Ohhhh loved the idea of your fic. Soooo hope you will never finish from it, keep with the good work mate. And Jaybird need a biiiig hug.
8/23/2021 c1 2Kanny Batmom
I can't believe you are back! 10 years! And in all these years, I usually come here to read your fics, a lot. You write the father/son relationship between Bruce and Dick soooo well! I always wondered about you, about what had happened. Im so happy that you are ok and you are back here. Thanks for comming back and sharing your great stories with us. Welcome back! I can't wait to read more new fics from you.
8/23/2021 c2 1Eaglator23
Has it really been 10 years? Time flies. I love your old stories and I really liked this one. Can’t wait to see what comes next.
8/22/2021 c2 3Robin555
Great ending-love it! Totally in-character for Dick. And one step ahead, again, of Jason. Which makes it triply fun. This series should be great. You write a very specific style in which character is consistent, situations are believable, danger happens, but wit prevails. Thanks for writing this! Robin
8/22/2021 c2 Debbie
Really enjoyed this. Was this only a 2 part arc or is this one continuing?
8/22/2021 c2 2EwaFaa
Wonderful. You have captured the batboys so accurate.
8/21/2021 c2 steelec1
I enjoyed the way you had Jason war with his head over his heart. Bruce just standing there was disappointing. The man has no ball when it comes to Jason. Titans to the rescue!
8/21/2021 c2 Reading-Rider
It's so great to see you writing again! Thanks for this story. I'm looking forward to reading more from you Best wishes!
8/21/2021 c2 29librarylexicon
Loved the building suspense here. Dick is really the glue that keeps Jason stuck with the Batfamily, whether Jason likes it or not. His interactions with Carole and Oracle's incessant interruptions were too funny! If Dick knew that he inadvertently stopped Jason from getting laid, I'm sure he would have apologised for that in the note too. Batman is delightfully, frustratingly(!) in character, and Jason is so tsundere. I look forward to more of this series.
8/21/2021 c1 3Robin555
Great to have you back! I love your work and missed it. That story about the mental health questions was such fun! I re-read it from time to time. Clever, clever, clever!

This is such a cliff-hanger and that's great. Good set-up for the story. Thanks so much for getting back in and for this tale. Looking forward to what you do here.
8/20/2021 c1 29librarylexicon
First story in over ten years?! Well, I am ready! This is a very promising beginning and I look forward to reading more from a fellow Aussie. I love relationship-focused Batfamily stories with a sprinkling of Dick/Babs, so this is right up my alley.

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