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for Lost in unfamiliar worlds

9/19 c3 11OMAC001
Nice chapter! Bog struck as either dying quickly in Season 3 or getting an upgrade too.
8/27 c2 Guest
I can’t wait to see where this fanfic goes. I hope that you see through to completing it.
8/26 c2 15ChampionElCid
Okay an interesting start so far.

I will say I was a little confused as to what was happening at the beginning, I think that was partly because you had it in 1st person perspective using "I" instead of a character name and it wasn't clear who was talking, I'd recommend cleaning that up, but that's my only real complaint.

Overall I like how this started. Sending Anne to the Boiling Isles was interesting and the fact that she was separated from her frog family is also cool, I wonder if they were put in different parts of the Boiling Isles. Anne's fight with the Golden Guard was cool, I like how you had her use some of her Muy Thai moves against him.

So Hunter got the box, uh-oh. I can only imagine what Belos might do with it if he discovers it can go to other worlds...And who is that mysterious voice talking to Sasha?

So far so good, I'd like to see what comes of this. Also thank you for giving my story a shout-out! I appreciate that!
8/25 c2 11OMAC001
Good fight scene! Also Anne is a practioner of Muay Thai, I thought you watched Amphibia?
8/21 c1 OMAC001
Not in the world a full minute and Anne gets in a fight. Can't wait to see it!

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