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10/19 c1 Guest
Eva fanbase moment
10/2 c1 1Wicked.A
The ending of the extra is the best part!
8/23 c1 Guest
Goddammit gum what the hell did you just make me read. But fr this shit made me laugh and bro cmon I was in the car with my dad dude not cool. Anyway, hypha saying unit 01 got a dumpy is by far the best sentence in an Eva fic
8/23 c1 ad astra
thank you for this gift to humanity
8/23 c1 ghemstro
8/24 c1 3Greg242
We have reached the peak of literature, it's only downwards after this.

In all '' '' 'seriousness' '' '' though, nice oneshot, pretty funny to read.
8/24 c1 skyf0x
Everyone knows about Japan's Ass. But now we know in-universe explanation from which parent Shinji got it.
Asuka's reaction is very believable. I've always knew what she wanted from Shinji. And now this asset is even better for her taste. Imagine Asuka's face when Shinji will be beside her in plugsuit.
Perfect, just perfect. Too bad it's just one shot. I wonder how is Shinji going to operate Unit-01 from now on...
8/23 c1 6Luanfrag
as a 48y old man i can identify with Gendo and his desire for 80 meter tall robot with phat ass. VERY REALISTIC
8/23 c1 10deathbringer374
Magnificent. Truly what every Asushin moment should be.

More. I demand it.

8/23 c1 12OftheWind
Thank you, for I have been blessed with another work such as this. I felt it when Gendo dove into Unit-01's dummy thicc cheeks. I feel it is extremely canon that he would do such, as it's symbolic of his wanton lust for Yui, Clearly. And Asuka, coming to terms with herself and apologizing for how she's behaved to Shinji, gripping, as solid as her smack of his dummy thicc gluteus maximus.
8/23 c1 2Rei-mond Legends
In the centuries after "Kouzou Fuyutsuki came," there was "Shinji fucking farted." After a long wait, there is now "Ayo! Unit 01 got a DUMPY!"

God bless NoseGum
8/23 c1 6HydrationStation
They never needed therapy, they needed Thicc Angels Thesis. Maybe Unit 01 can squat out of the Bakelite now, god willing.

Funny chap sir, kudos
8/23 c1 5Nonameasushin
This is probably the best fic ever uploaded to this site
8/23 c1 12SheriffJohnStone
8/23 c1 5AileRose
This story is the most horryfing thing I have ever seen in my life. I am forever mentally, emotionally and physically scarred from it.

10/10 would read again.

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