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for Peppermint Promises

12/29/2021 c2 Rosemary Ferguso
Is there anymore?
12/15/2021 c2 Guest
Even after all this time, I still look for BSG fanfics when I need a little boost. This one is terrific, so far. But I’m kind of depressed it might just be another of those stories with marvelous beginnings, great writing by a talented author but ultimately just slide into the depths as an abandoned work for whatever reason. I know stuff happens in people’s lives, but it would be awesome if you were to continue this before too much longer. Such terrific potential, and it’s really well done so far.
11/15/2021 c2 Eva'sDaughter
So funny! Can't wait for the rest!
8/30/2021 c1 SchaMG
Awesome i can't wait more the next chapter
8/25/2021 c1 Guest
8/27/2021 c1 jacilenemns
louca pelo capitulo 2

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