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12/10/2022 c1 6Morningleaf24
Saeldur is so punches first think later and I love that sm

These two are so ride or die for each other with die being wayy too literal.

This was soo goodd i love this universe so much there is literally no piece of media that I look forward to more than anything from this series
9/26/2021 c1 firepoppies
Every time you post a new fic I gain like five years of my life! I fully think of your Mirkwood fics as canon at this point, everything from your impeccable OCs who I care about just as much as canon characters, to your gorgeous characterisations of Legolas and the other characters from the books/movies. Your fics capture such a vivid and dynamic world and I couldn't be more invested in it!

He is not himself.
He was unaccustomed to being addressed directly by the trees; it took him a moment to realize it was one of the beeches from which the targets had hung.
"I know he is not," he said quietly. "I wish I could help."
You do help.
Saledur and his relationship with the trees, and their (sometimes wary) alliance that exists because they all care about Legolas, always makes me smile.

"Some of us like to be tidy before appearing in public," Saeldur said cheerfully.
Since, of the two of them, Saeldur was far likelier to wander into court without even changing his tunic after weapons training, Candnaur laughed.
"For once I need not be ashamed of you, then."
Despite the fact that we only get very brief flashes of Candnaur in your fics before his death I am very attached to this character, which is a huge testament to your talent! I loved his exchanges with Saledur in this fic and how palpable the affection is between them is despite the fact they don't actually interact that much. You have this ability to create such vivid characters using so few words and I am always so deeply impressed by it.

Candnaur waited a moment and then said, "Is Legolas all right?"
Saeldur finished doing up his last button before he turned to his brother. "Has anyone said otherwise?"
"Nobody has said anything, but if you are actually being discreet then it only can be about Legolas. Besides, I can see him for myself. He has been taking things…"
"Taking things how?" Saeldur said sharply.
Saledur being ready to throw hands at a moment's notice when it comes to Legolas is my absolute favourite thing- one of my favourite dynamics is a warm and gentle and cheerful character whose close with a fiery character that is standing behind them at all times with a threatening air to make sure no one hurts them and I am pretty sure my love for this particular dynamic started with these two.

"I will certainly not take you," Candnaur said firmly. "So do not ask it. Before you can visit Dale, you must prove you can sit a full day in court without fidgeting."
"You will not take me? I am your brother," Saeldur said, teasing and not at all offended, since he had expected no other response. "Last time you practically pleaded with Legolas to go with you."
"Legolas speaks the Mannish tongue with even more fluency than I do, and he has a tendency to make friends out of strangers."
"Well, if that is what you want –"
Me throughout this fic being like "Candnaur doesn't die, Candnaur doesn't die, everything's fine, everything's great," because he and Saledur are just so adorable and I am suffering

"Are you trying to make me fall?" he hissed to the oak.
Trust me.
Saeldur rolled his eyes and weighed his options. He could simply leap down; he would probably land safely, and then he could try climbing up the other side. But if the oak intended to make it difficult –
Legolas was on the branch above, gripping it with one hand while he leaned down and held out the other to Saeldur.
"What? No, Legolas, you cannot hold both of us – we will both fall –"
"Fall out of a tree?"
And, put like that, it was silly. Legolas did not fall out of trees.
So Saeldur held out his hand in Legolas' direction and jumped. Legolas' fingers closed around his wrist; a moment later he was sitting beside Legolas on the branch. With Legolas' help – and a suddenly very obliging oak – he scrambled up the last few branches until they reached the highest one that would support their combined weight.
Saledur vs the trees is so funny, and this is just the cutest moment with him and Legolas, and I love that watching Saledur's struggles probably made Legolas smile at least a little bit.

"You will never have to listen to a single song against your will," Saeldur said fiercely.
I cannot express how much I love Saeldur like I would fight to the death for him.

He loosened his cloak and held up one end. Legolas promptly slid closer, letting Saeldur drop the cloak around his shoulders and over his hair.
This is just the sweetest mental image!

"Legolas," Saeldur said gently, "you do not have to be strong for me."

"You should go back," Legolas said. "You will miss all of Anwariel's new songs."
"I would not be able to listen for worrying about you. She will sing them again… Unless you would rather I left? If you want to be alone…"
Legolas turned to look at Saeldur, and then quickly turned away and shook his head. "Stay… please."
I say this in every single review but I cannot express how much and how fiercely I adore their friendship, and just Legolas trusting Saeldur enough to actually ask him to stay when he would put on a brave face for almost everyone else makes me so emotional. I also love seeing how the devotion is there long before Saledur is actually Legolas' second in command, like of course we all knew it was but moments like these are just such a lovely insight into their friendship.

"I cannot." Legolas thrust his knives into his belt – an action that would have earned him a scolding if Lord Maeglad had been there to see it – and crossed his arms. "I cannot trust myself… after everything that has happened… My father does not trust me."
"Legolas, you know that is not true."
"I know how he looks every time I speak of returning to the field."
Ohhhhh how this hurts! Legolas and Thranduil loving each other so so much but each being terrible at communicating, like of course Thranduil is just terrified of letting Legolas return to the field and of course Legolas is terrified his father no longer trusts him after what happened to Lindariel. I am suffering so profoundly but I also could not love them more.

If Saeldur had faith in anyone, it was in Legolas.
"You must trust yourself," he said, slowly. "And nobody can tell you how. But, if it helps, I trust you." He shifted his grip on his knives, ready to move. "I will not hold back. We were evenly matched before you left for Imladris last summer. Lord Barancrist says you are well. There is no reason to suppose we will not be evenly matched now. Spar with me."
THE DEVOTIONNNNNNNNN I cannot with these two

I basically just copied and pasted most of the fic and screamed at you about them but this is all to say that I loved this fic so so much and I love your characters and your Mirkwood to death, and I am so grateful you are still writing such incredible fics for this fandom, and I hope you are doing well!
9/18/2021 c1 StefKroner
Это потрясающая истоия. Спасибо, что пишие такие замечательные рассказы про нашего любимого эльфа
9/16/2021 c1 SnidgetHex
Very good and heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time!
9/14/2021 c1 Guest
Loved it! So glad you are continuing to write!
8/30/2021 c1 Lelainafel
Really enjoyed this fic. And it was lovely reading about pre-Colhador Legolas and Saeldur. :) More to add to my head canon. Great job as always!
8/27/2021 c1 Guest
I loved getting to see Legolas and Saeldur’s friendship before event of the “betrayal” happened. So happy you wrote this!
8/26/2021 c1 70nyx thranduillon
It is so wonderful to see these two as young elves again and with a friendship unsullied by later events. It may not be a cheerful, fluffy piece but it is full of hope even if a little angsty and I for one thoroughly enjoyed it.
8/26/2021 c1 7L.A.H.H
This was lovely! I am so happy that you are writing more stories in this universe. Thanks for writing
8/25/2021 c1 Tinajp
Oh I loved it, a soft comforty one was definitely necessary before we get more angsty betrayal feelings & murder. I loved how the tree conspired to get legolas to help sealdur, they're one of my favourite characters in your stories. I like always loved sealdur's undying loyalty & our poor elfling have me all the feels here.
I enjoyed reading this very much, glad you're back. Can't wait for future stories
8/25/2021 c1 1The Inebriated Lion-Minion
This is so much fluff, I love it! Admittedly fluff with an angsty flavour, but that just makes it extra fun :)
8/24/2021 c1 33Melethril

This was absolutely lovely and important, matching well with your stories mentioning Saeldur knowing about what happened that night.

I did have this brief wish to strangle Arahael, but other than that, I am fine :) heartbroken and wishing to hug my favorite Elven Prince, but fine. Loved Saeldur in this.
8/24/2021 c1 UnnamedElement
Apologies for not signing in—my phone is glitching.

This was such a lovely set of scenes. It was nice to see a younger version of these characters again. Saeldur is such a good friend, despite some of the choices he makes over the years, and we are reminded of that here. This story reminded me, in fact, that I haven’t read “Falling Shadow” in so many years I hardly remember the beginning of the Bregolien arc! I have opened it in another tab to re-read in my downtown.

Thank you for writing and posting. It made my night to get the notification email and read this gem. Take care!

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