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11/19 c10 SrCheese
Wooooo naice story a little on the body horror side for the mind eyes but a delightfull story
9/15 c10 1aomagrat
Yep, I'll stick to what I said in my last review. Awesome ending to an awesome story! Y'all done good, real good!
9/15 c10 Wolfx1120
Great job... Way to go :3
9/15 c10 FurryFuzzyWuzzy
Wow This was an amazing story. Very well thought out. Very well written. Cant wait to read what you do next.
9/14 c9 21J Shute
And there's the bit I remembered last chapter.

And Dolly is one strong rat for sure.

Good job.
9/13 c9 Wolfx1120
So very good... Way cool :3
9/13 c9 1aomagrat
Wow, what an ending! Great job!
9/10 c8 Guest
And Then... And Then... what happens next. Wow what a chapter thank you
9/12 c8 21J Shute
Hmmm, I might be remembering this wrong but you might have skipped a chapter by accident. It refers to Abby and John's date as if it's long ongoing, but we haven't seen any of it yet.
9/8 c7 Guest
Thank you wonderful chapter. I am afraid Dolly maybe going to cut it short on the duo. Or maybe it will be an ending to die for. Again seriously thank you for the wonderful mystery.
9/10 c8 1aomagrat
Damn cliffhanger! Where's my gasoline and matches!
9/8 c7 Wolfx1120
Way dark... And she was on the top of my list for who was doing it };3
9/8 c7 21J Shute
And it was the manager mouse that did it! (I bet).
9/8 c7 1aomagrat
Now we know! And now our heroes are walking into a trap!
9/7 c6 FurryFuzzyWuzzy
Wow just finished the last chapter. Reading this has been a blast. It is creepy and a challenging mystery. I cannot wait until the next chapter. thank you
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