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for Borne of Desire

3h c18 CypressofCyprus
Great work as always, dude! Thanks for the update
10h c6 1runelt99
I don't like his attempts to enlighten Paul. It feels like someone trying to explain quantum mechanics to a toddler. Just say that a pokemon that you are friends with will go 100% and imagine being in that pokemon shoes. Imagine coming close to winning but you hate your trainer so you fail on purpose just to screw him over.
12h c18 SuperKitty4789
I'm very glad to see another chapter of this! Borne of Caution is fantastic, don't get me wrong! But Sinnoh is my favorite region, and i like seeing fanfics about it
14h c18 1Nai Darkor
Thank you for the chapter!
Nice to see the second grumpy one of the group.
23h c18 Gamer91
Well, it seems obvious what you’re going for between Julian and Lulu, I for one, completey support this.
6/23 c18 OshiroNai

i cant wait to see how things develop with lulu and julian! they've been nothing but adorable!

And if you're worried about people who find the stuff weird, it's your story man! borne of desire, bro if you desire pokemon kissing write it my man
6/22 c18 1Faranon423
Fingers crossed that you don't get too much backlash from close-minded people for this! I think a lot of folks forget that, since they're on the same level of intelligence as humans, pokemon would count as people IRL.
6/22 c18 MrDen1999
I wouldn’t be surprised if, in addition to Lulu the Lucario, we see in the future Julian x Female Greninja, Female Cinderace, Female Meowscarada, Female Gardevoir

If you are lucky with him, then there will be variations with Hisuian. It's even possible that when Pokemon Legends Z-A comes out, the author will make a contribution to his story from this game
6/22 c18 1Poseidon93
Thanks for the chapter!
6/22 c3 Torhelm
I wanted to like this, but the interactions are just too cringe; even for Pokemon standards.
6/22 c18 demissedwaifu
Good to have you back
6/22 c10 Clam The Zooted One
idk if it was a gurenn lagann ref but it was close enough that i still got the feels. loving the whole 'self-aware' pokemon training this fic has got - the (un)realism simply works in a game-turned-fic piece and you play it sooooo well!
6/21 c18 Phoenix of the Highlands
yass finally back
6/21 c18 Guest
This is too good to be updated so sparsely ToT brotherman please feed us more
6/21 c18 3Nokraz
i love this story :D
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