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3/19 c14 Maleon
This story is awesome. Both it and Borne of Caution are in my top favorites in 15 years of reading fanfiction.
3/14 c14 loliwuzhere7120
wtf is this fourth wall bullshit I don't need a self aware mc that knows he is in a fanfic. It always ruins the story
3/12 c10 Timothy045
Ok the "Power" Machoke showed off or now Aniki is giving me Pokken Tournament vibes and i can't wait to see the end goal.
3/12 c14 Ssgms
Just read all of this! This is a first premise that you don't see often. A lot of stories try playing with the whole "Uuuhmmm, thish is achtually a thrope of me animes!" and fail to various degrees. And out of all of them, I'm surprised that one of the best iterations of it turns out to be a Pokemon fanfic.

And the story itself does a good job in revolving around its premise while not being entirely grounded on ONLY the premise alone. It has many other story beats that make me actually care about what's happening at all times. I'm pretty sure I should've already know the quality of this story from the first chapter alone, since it went the extra mile to show us why and how Julian got to the world, which isn't something many fanfics worry about.

Julian is a good protagonist that doesn't come off as a boring, mary-sue, type protagonist, but actually has his own objectives and flaws that makes him feel more human than I thought was possible. His motivations are also sound and great way to get me interested in his fights.

The idea of intregrating him with Paul is such a clever idea to play around the tropes premise into a deeper level. Besides, the reasoning on why Julian can understand Pokemon is both interesting and well used. Each Pokemon so far have their own personalities that play off well with their trainers and also give them more depth than your stand-in fanfic. Lulu herself might be one of the few times I looked at a Lucario and didn't immediately turn away in a grimace due to the oversaturation, and Aniki is a delight of a guy, a true Gym Bro, may I say.

What else can I say besides the fact that within 14 chapters alone this fanfic already beat a lot of other ones in my list? I kind of question if we are ever going to a point where Julian is going all out with his money and dress up his team with Shounen get-ups. Lulu with a Goku GI would be both hilarious and effective for the RoC, principally if he ever gets the idea of finding out if other anime concepts can be intregrated into fighting styles. Just imagine a Lucario pulling off an UI dodge? That would be enough to end a fight against Cynthia alone.

Currently the story stands out as a 8/10 for me. Mostly because of a tiny little problem...THERE'S TOO LITTLE CONTENT! 14 Chapters isn't enough to satiate my hunger for more content of this quality, so I can't wait for the next chapters have in store. You might not have notes or a clear idea of how to procced with the story from your first chapter notes, but I'm sure, like any other story with this visible passion and effort, it will end up building itself up as it goes on, and it'll be glorious to see.

Keep up the great work and I hope we get to see each other in the next chapter. See ya, later!
3/12 c1 induk
you characters attitude frustrates me and it's nothing on you.. when nervous or afraid I either blank or get angry so reading this fidgeting nervous stuff gets to me.
2/9 c14 silver hands
Dude. Im blown away by this story. Every story beat hits right. Every new piece of world building is thought provoking.
2/8 c14 1Lord Pegel
Amazing story so far!
1/31 c14 PokekidKantoFF
Not gonna ask any questions about the diary entry… Enjoying the book, though!
1/30 c1 Tashis
Hope jul and lulu get together and use the ultimate power of love
1/29 c14 T-B-R
the power of love!
1/29 c14 Nanayalucas
Looks like the MC is Lulu and Julian is the Heroine needing to be saved.
1/26 c14 1neoblackheart1
a small thing scrafty or pangoro is a fighting dark type good against psychic and ghost.
1/23 c14 Guest
He's becoming a villain *we are number one starts to play*
1/25 c14 kageknuser2710
Lulu is the best. God I wish I had someone like her
1/21 c14 Mangoose
Julian: The classic battle between self-aware character and sadistic author.

Lulu: I can fix him.

This chapter was both wholesome and terrifying. Well done, inventor of sex.
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