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for Edward's blog: Vegetarian Vampires in Volterra

8/27/2022 c21 shannaro-sakura
Ahhhh so the AnonGuard was finally revealed!

Thank you for this funny little story :3
8/27/2022 c20 shannaro-sakura
Awwww a real life meeting on christmas! Sounds lovely!
8/27/2022 c19 shannaro-sakura
Wow, that was a harsh turn of events! I hope the new established rulers will be less oppressive, but still strong enough to ensure the secret is kept.
8/27/2022 c17 shannaro-sakura
Wow, the Cullens are shaking the Volturi guards and structures to their core!
8/27/2022 c16 shannaro-sakura
I actually had that thought, too, but I didn’t want to go all “feminism” on you since I already went “animal rights”
I love how you pointed it out.
8/27/2022 c15 shannaro-sakura
That was a very amusing chapter. Thank you :)
8/27/2022 c14 shannaro-sakura
Yay for the love for animals
8/27/2022 c13 shannaro-sakura
I should have, but I didn’t see that coming. Everyone finding their mates. It‘s beautiful.
8/27/2022 c12 shannaro-sakura
Awww Marcus smiled! So he IS getting a little bit of his personality back!
8/27/2022 c11 shannaro-sakura
I‘m so very glad for your summary, I couldn’t have handled all that stuff.
I‘m German, but thankful I don’t live in Bavaria and I don’t yodel, so I‘m not in danger of being eaten by Alec and his mate! :D thank you for the LGBTQ representation by the way, the original story was severely lacking.
I laughed when Alice bet her last Louis Vuitton bag
8/27/2022 c10 shannaro-sakura
Awwww Cullen family bonding over the comment section
8/27/2022 c9 shannaro-sakura
That was a beautiful mail and the idea behind it is even more precious. I enjoyed that a lot, it‘s a brilliant thought!
8/27/2022 c8 shannaro-sakura
I‘m sad about the animal cruelty. Thank goodness it‘s only a fanfiction! I hate the real life equivalent of the bull hunting.
8/27/2022 c6 shannaro-sakura
Awwww I love how Alice managed to give the dogs away so that there will be something good about it.
8/27/2022 c5 shannaro-sakura
Awwww, Alice jumps in to praise Jasper. I love that she kept quiet until Jasper needed a little uplifting comment. They are soooo cute together.
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