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10/1/2021 c35 Guest
As soon as I read Logan calling Finn wanting to apologize, I was thinking he was up to something. I was glad to see that Finn & Colin had the same thought. And that Finn & Rory have great honest communication. I do see why it would trigger insecurities for her, but they'll get through anything together, even Logan's pathetic attempts to ruin things.
10/1/2021 c35 Navywife07
That’s a low blow from logan I hope he gets his Butt handed to him for what he did
10/1/2021 c34 LissaP
10/1/2021 c34 70LovingGinger30
I like how Rory and Finn actually communicate between the two of them.
10/1/2021 c34 PGwonder
Thank you for this new chapter. I love how well they communicate with each other. Looking forward to reading more.
9/30/2021 c34 LAtoNE09
Great chapter. I love Finn here. Keep up the fantastic story.
9/30/2021 c34 Navywife07
So good can’t wait for more loving it
9/30/2021 c34 52shari
Oh what a nice treat tonight. Thank you. Rory did need to know what went on with Logan. I sure you are not done with the nastiest couple around. But not sure if you are going to turn Logan to the dark side. Easy to picture that. It’s bad and sad that Logan’s remark brought up insecurities in Rory.
9/30/2021 c33 LissaP
I hate to think what Logan is up to. It can’t be good. Yay, Jess! I hope Logan is sporting a shiner!
9/29/2021 c33 Angel
All I can say is Logan is acting like an ass.
9/30/2021 c33 PGwonder
Thank you for this new chapter! I really enjoyed going to Vegas and New Orleans with both groups. It was very satisfying to read about Jess punching Logan. Looking forward to reading more.
9/30/2021 c33 Hellie2001
Great chapter. Will Logan get the sack as best man? Seriously, who has a tantrum like that?
9/29/2021 c33 LAtoNE09
This is hilarious. I just love the Finn and Logan dynamics. I also love that Jess is the one who punched Logan out. Keep up the Fantastic work.
9/29/2021 c33 52shari
Don’t let anyone pressure you. We all want more several installments per day. But willing to take and be grateful for what you give us
9/29/2021 c33 4YaleAceBella12
Please write more.
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