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9/27/2021 c31 Hellie2001
Fabulous, made my day, great chapter. Loved the reactions true to character. Paris was so funny spelling out how little attention Logan actually paid to Rory. Well done! Please can we have some more?
9/27/2021 c31 LAtoNE09
Shiras response was golden
9/27/2021 c31 PGwonder
Thank you for not keeping us hanging. This was a great chapter! So looking forward to reading more.
9/27/2021 c31 3roganjalex
9/27/2021 c31 Guest
I'd rather it be believable than crazy dramatic, plus this was juicy as is. The Huntzbergers trying to save face but being taunted, Logan's entitled jerk-face reaction along with Summer, the friends laying into him, the adult family scheming, and I swear I could practically see Lorelai recording the reaction with her phone and it cracked me up.
9/27/2021 c31 52shari
Oh you did a wonderful job. Logan is married with mistress’ something Rory would never tolerated. She isn’t property she is a very smart woman with a great future ahead of her. I don’t see the last of the dynastic plan Huntzbergers going down quietly or graciously. Can’t wait for what you have coming next. Summers’ hurt snd anger at Logan I’m sure will be transferred to Rory
9/27/2021 c31 12Axel Alex
pas mal ... Logan va faire un scandale cela est obligatoire, cela fait parti de son personnage... j'espère que Shira et Mitchum vont en prendre plein la figure ainsi qu'Elias, le grand-père de Logan.
9/27/2021 c31 1Kmpcarter
Logan has always been an ass and one of my least favorite characters. I'm enjoying this immensely. I'm hoping for a Colin/Rory next.
9/27/2021 c30 LissaP
Ahhh! You stinker! I’m on the edge of my seat! I may not have any nails left by the time you post the next chapter! SOOOOOOO GOOOOD!
9/27/2021 c30 70LovingGinger30
Oh boy, the reveal is at the beginning. Honestly, I think there should be a showdown between Lorelai and Shira.
9/27/2021 c30 LAtoNE09
OMG… I just dying to see what happens next. Great chapter
9/26/2021 c30 Hellie2001
That is so mean leaving us dangling. Please hurry back with full descriptions of faces and reactions. I normally love Logan but what a sleazeball in this. Can we have a Paris takedown of Logan and summer if anything unpleasant is said or done - perhaps we could have one anyway.
Love this story
9/26/2021 c30 JTRF
Shira is probably about to explode! Update soon!
9/26/2021 c30 augter
Great chapter, can’t wait for the next one. Please post soon!
9/26/2021 c30 NotAsCuteAsPushkin
Ohhh so exciting, can’t wait to see what happens next … Don’t keep us in suspense for too long please
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