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10/17/2021 c48 52shari
After a night of partying just what you want Herat at that hour of the morning EMILY! You brought great romantic texts Some humor and being freed from Emily great job
10/15/2021 c47 Guest
Wedding time woo!
10/16/2021 c47 Navywife07
Amazing update so happy for summer can’t wait for more
10/15/2021 c47 52shari
Interesting call from Summer. The rehearsal dinner sweet and fun. A night apart is a horrible thing for those two
10/15/2021 c47 LissaP
Fantastic chapter! I love the interaction with Summer. Bless her. She is going to need all the help she can get. I truly hope that we get to see Rory take on Mitchum and Shira at some point. What Mitchum has done to his son over the years is unforgivable. The prenup! OMG! I know she doesn’t like family law but this might just be a personal quest to shame them. Why doesn’t she just take on HPG?! The business can’t possibly be doing well when you have these types of leaders. Ok, Rant over….I could go on for hours though….Thank you for such an awesome story!
10/15/2021 c46 70LovingGinger30
Why do I get the feeling that Logan is planning to ruin the wedding?
10/15/2021 c46 Navywife07
Great update can’t wait for more
10/14/2021 c46 52shari
Now that’s a great stress reliever.
10/14/2021 c45 LovingGinger30
It would be very interesting if the shark of the divorce lawyer turns out to be Francie.
10/14/2021 c45 12Tametiger
Gosh, Rory is lovely. Another great chapter. loving this story!
10/14/2021 c44 Tametiger
Love the not so subtle dig there lol. Great chapter, I'm perversely happy that Logan is still a dick. I'm odd like that.
10/14/2021 c43 Tametiger
I actually really like that she's getting on with summer
10/14/2021 c42 Tametiger
Another great chapter and ai love how you keep bringing Disney into this!
10/13/2021 c45 LissaP
Excellent chapter! Thank you for not allowing the supposed indiscretion to go without notice or exposure without facts to support it. Perfectly and gracefully handled!
10/13/2021 c45 52shari
Logan just can’t help himself. Just nasty and narcissistic. I like throwing in the test for STD’S. Gotta love Olivia she was great. I think you had Rory handle the call to summer just perfectly.
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