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10/13/2021 c45 Guest
I did miss quality Rory/Finn content; but that was a nice gesture and I can see a decent friendship or at least respect forming.
10/13/2021 c45 Navywife07
Great update I hope summer takes Rory up on her offer
10/13/2021 c44 Navywife07
Great update I can believe Logan I hope they still remain summers friends after she divorces logan
10/12/2021 c44 Angel
So did Logan really cheat that night or did he tell her that he was done? Can't wait for more and the wedding.
10/12/2021 c44 9Sondrasr
Great chapter. Logan really is a slime ball. Now I do feel sorry for summer.
10/12/2021 c44 Guest
Yep that tracks, it was too big of a turnaround otherwise. Logan has had this personality his entire life and didn't want to change for Rory, and following his family business and a society marriage have only encouraged it over the years. He kept trying to make digs to the other guys but got shut down every time. Love how all the others started backing up Finn & Colin too. I hope Summer finds out quickly because he has gotten away with way too much. Rory took the high road when she found out back in college, but he deserves to have his name ruined now for sure.
10/12/2021 c44 52shari
Logan just slime. Beyond slime. Makes you actually feel sorry for Summer. I like how everyone closed ranks against Logan. Poor Finn to many people in their bed and still to many to buddy bath. Love Rory’s parting shot about faking it with Logan.
10/10/2021 c43 Guest
Loved Disney and the girls. I'm liking summer more & more, but now kinda just want her to get rid of logan.
10/9/2021 c42 Guest
I did think Finn's reaction was too much, so I'm glad that was resolved quickly and nicely. And I'm so happy with the Disney destination. Should be fun- a bunch of people who think they're too cool but then enjoy it.
10/10/2021 c43 9FallInspired101
Great chapter!
10/10/2021 c43 Navywife07
Love it. Glad they had fun and also glad summer apologized
10/9/2021 c43 9Sondrasr
Love the apology from summer. I can see her not getting along with shira. Loved how everyone seemed to love Disneyland. Too funny to see Logan green after the roller coaster but summer seemed to be fine. Love this story.
10/9/2021 c43 52shari
Such a fun light hearted day. Love summer loves rollercoasters and Logan is a wieney. You did great with summer and Rory at the end. Especially the question about Shira
10/9/2021 c42 52shari
Oh some of the rich and snooty will need to find their inner child. Finn definitely needs to dial it back some. I do want to think if they hadn’t been dealing with Logan and his nastiness that Finn might not of over reacted. Not sure Disneyland is ready for them. We still have to see how Logan and Summer are going to behave
10/9/2021 c42 Navywife07
Great update can’t wait for more
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