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5/16 c32 Guest
Damn this fic is actually really good and I'm not even much of a fan of rwby
5/14 c32 Chuck B. Winanaki
I really like this opening section. Just like with Yang, Adam also has his character stripped down to one or two traits but this Adam is exceptionally serious and somber, mourning his dead teacher and all those that came before him. It's poignant and really humanizes him. While he's not a good person you can definitely see the path that led him here, from a scared child that lost his parents in the mines to the wide eyed revolutionary that Blake followed finally ending in a more stoic and serious man that knows he will die but only hopes to be buried here among his people.

The Happy Huntresses are not so happy anymore. It's commendable how they've made the best out of a bad situation. The fact that Fiona can essentially destroy almost anything is interesting, could this be a possible method to dispose of dangerous materials?

It looks like the Atlas Counterinsurgency now has a Counter Counterinsurgency with their documentation in the hands of the Happy Huntresses, if they wanted to keep things quiet they are in for a big surprise. Though this may reflect badly on Winter, Sleet already has it out for her operation but if this goes public he could rally against it and whip the public into a frenzy against the costs which would force the rest of the council into a real corner.

Holy heck we're even seeing a new side of Winter! She's nervous and has to hold something to avoid chewing her nails, it's not a huge vulnerability but it gives Winter a new dimension away from the perfect soldier she is usually portrayed as. Her temper is also a fun avenue to explore since it lines up well with how Weiss can fly off the handle at times.

This part even shines a pretty neat light on who Clover is. He's clearly dedicated to his duty with how neat his uniform is but his casual nature and modified uniform points to him being a bit unorthodox and friendly to those he works with, even if they're ranked under him like Winter since he took time out his schedule to help her with her presentation to the Council. Heck despite giving off a lackadaisical nature he still adheres to his scheduled meetings!

I knew it! Roman had saved Jaune! Though I doubt he would have strangled Jaune to death the fact that he managed to enrage Weiss enough to attack him might have made both of them an enemy for life.

Tiny green glyph? If I'm correct about the nature of Weiss' Semblance then that might have been an edited Glyph! The way Weiss described her Semblance means she could edit her Glyphs on the fly to do almost anything! I'm really hoping this was a unique Glyph she created to move Nora.

Okay now I love Yang's awkward little sayings but Weiss pulling out these thesaurus level insults are hilarious! It really shows off how much education she has received and how fancy her insults can get instead of only using dunce or fool.

Small detail but I like that since we're seeing the world from Jaune's perspective that he usually pairs Weiss with descriptions like gorgeous, cutely and Snow Angel. This could be a real insight to how the rest of the team sees each other.

Team JWNN? Oh that is hilarious! Between Team JWNN, RWBY and SSSN it looks like naming teams after the leader isn't such a weird act after all.

Fantastic chapter! Looking forward to more!
5/12 c32 7nashwhitewolf
Team Jaune. Amazing.
5/12 c31 nashwhitewolf
Nah, Qrow out here remembering Summer and Tai. Awesome chapter.
5/7 c14 2Qriiz
All that fight and no death? With Neo? That was too soft. Or rather, that's impossible.

And your usage of aura is too weak. In canon, Jaune would have died in his first fight if aura is as weak as your story. Huntsmen in training use high caliber guns outright.
4/13 c31 Chuck B. Winanaki
I like that Ruby says ouchy, she's not exactly a hardened fighter yet so it really fits. Plus it's just a bit funny.

Beacon pushing back such a large force of Grimm is great. Though if they were worried about a Grimm Eclipse overrunning Beacon this might mean that an Eclipse is far worse then this was, possibly even exponentially so.

This is a great Yang. Not only can she be awkward with sayings like "Later Taters" "Neato Frito" or this chapter's "Awesome Sauce" she's also protective, caring and willing to be silly and lend an ear to Ruby. Heck she doesn't even slack in combat! She was a monster in a fight and even had the dark possibility of fighting until she died according to Ruby.
Some people focus too much on one or two aspects of Yang but this captures all of them in a fantastic way.
I am also a bit biased because I really find her saying things like Neato Frito funny.

Jaune and Ruby work together really well. They may not be partners but the fact that Ruby can jump on a Lancer and instantly get what Jaune was going for makes them really compatible friends.

Nobody tell Pyrrha that Jaune shared his pocket explosives with Ruby. No doubt Nora has given her some odd ideas on what sharing high yield explosives means.

Qrow knowing exactly how to time Crescent Rose's shots so precisely makes sense. If Ruby were to ask anyone for help on her scythe with a gun in it then it'd be her favorite uncle who wields a scythe with a gun in it.

Jaune's unmitigated flow of consciousness was a thing to see! It really encapsulates what panic does to a person, the fact that he thought so heavily on how attractive Coco was, was very funny though. This does bring up a thought, if Jaune was linked to their network could Roman communicate through him? It's possible that's why Roman isn't present now for this exact reason.

It's kind of poetic. The first time Jaune met Velvet he sacrificed himself to a Lancer to save her and now he's sacrificing himself again to a bigger Lancer to save both her and her team!

Coco can enhance explosives? Man if she and Jaune worked together they could make Nora into one of the strongest things on Remnant!

Somber. The decision to sacrifice one man to save her closest friends and allies, Coco didn't have a lot of good options and I'm glad that she gave the situation the brevity it demanded even telling Jaune he shouldn't thank her after she turned his bomb suicidally strong.
And then Yatsuhashi threw him which was a hilarious break after Coco's darker segment. Though it doesn't last as Velvet questions where their rescue was as Coco's explosion fades into the distance and she has to bear the burden of telling his partner what happened.

Qrow and Ruby find Jaune! Though the fact that Qrow is so reluctant to let Ruby see what remains of her friend really goes to show how powerful that blast was. Jaune really must be lucky to have survived. Perhaps a certain spirit was able to lend a hand to get him to safety?

Fantastic chapter! Looking forward to more!
4/12 c31 Bloodfox22
Damn but this was awesome. Thanks for the chapter!
3/20 c30 Chuck B. Winanaki
You know what? Tommy and Leroy are starting to grow on me. They have a very nice companionship. Just hanging out together if involuntarily.

Small detail but I really like that Neo's eyes are more dynamic then just pink and brown or vice-versa. Both eyes being brown but one slowly turning pink is a fantastic way to communicate how she feels without words.
Maybe if she's ever extremely excited both eyes could be pink?

Well today I learned that while Nora doesn't wear Weiss level heels her shoes do have a bit of a heel going on.

Could Jaune be wearing work boots because he didn't have access to combat boots or did Roman intervene to push him towards them? Roman lecturing Jaune on proper footwear that is both functional, affordable and stylish sounds like a very Roman thing to do since he'd need durable shoes that didn't eat into his profit margins as a professional thief.

This scene is great. It really shows off how well Jaune, Pyrrha, Weiss and Nora work together. Heck Nora even found their little hiding spot.

Wait wait wait! That's why Roman was fleeing randomly! I completely missed this on my first read but Jaune definitely tells Roman to cause a distraction! I could not for the life of me figure out why Roman was so far the first time.

Weiss either has quickly gained a measure of trust for Nora or she was just desperate enough to risk turning her partner into a twitching mess on the ground. Honestly the fact that it could be either or is both a sign of how dire the situation was and how quickly combat can turn four strangers into life-long friends.

Hold the phone! An application of dust and Aura in a lattice structure that mixes the two using the Schnee semblance? That means that Weiss could literally rework any glyphs to suit her needs! If her semblance manipulates Aura and Dust to create Glyphs and not creating Glyphs directly she could edit and redesign a Glyph to do potentially anything she wants! If she can give a speed Glyph a few careful parts of the gravity Glyph then she could have a magnification Glyph! It would increase the speed and weight of an object to make it incredibly fast but also incredibly heavy, thus giving it the momentum of Bullhead.
Heck maybe she could use a few designs from the fire Glyph with her Ice Glyph to create water!
Maybe Fire with elements of time dilation could stick to a target before bursting?
The way she describes it opens the door to so many possibilities!

Jaune having a small heart to heart with each of his team is really touching. They're all worried about each other but they know that Jaune is the only one who can do this. It's also really nice that Jaune and Pyrrha are out of their mini funk from last chapter.

Oh holy heck, I did not expect Pyrrha to be naive on this matter but her asking Nora if sharing explosives is actually an intimate gesture is fantastic.

The Roman section was a neat palate cleanser from the bloody and dangerous antics with Jaune to a screaming ghost declaring how much he hates Jaune before destroying numerous bugs with his ghostly abilities.
Honestly I was sure that if Roman was to find a fellow spirit then it'd here in the forest where hundreds of potential students have died, maybe they don't linger around Grimm?

Jaune getting recognized by his shriek is both funny and potentially an advantage. No one would look for a Huntsman in the same direction as a girlish shriek! It's fool proof!

Fantastic chapter! Looking forward to more!
2/27 c29 Chuck B. Winanaki
Yang's penchant for comedy is great here. It really shows off how Yang wants to bolster her allies and keep the morale high, though personally her habit of using terms like "Later taters" and this chapter's "Neato frito" is my favorite part of Yang in this story. Sure she still has the same rage and flirty nature as always but with more attributes added it really makes her feel like a more well rounded character in my opinion.

Ren didn't get as much attention in this chapter but we did get a lot of Ren and Nora in previous chapters. The main take away here for Ren would be a more pragmatic note in his character. His original plan was to kill a big Grimm before escaping and hiding to show off both his combat and stealth prowess, later on he demonstrates a classic moral dilemma with the choice of saving two promising Huntresses in training or one very strong Huntress in training. Couple that with his waning Aura reserves and how much strain hiding even two people has on him and you start to understand why he tried to rescue Ruby and Blake so quickly.
Heck the fact that Ren doesn't even consider going back for Yang seriously feels like he and Yang discussed leaving her to die in favor of saving her sister.

Weiss and Nora have a very fun back and forth going on. Sure Weiss has a similar deal going on with Yang at times but Nora being her partner means this contrast and conflict will be a lot more prevalent.
I absolutely love that while Nora is very positive and friendly that she's still willing to push back on Weiss if she tries to insult her. We didn't really get a lot of this side of Nora up until this point but her being able to stand up to Weiss was great.

Okay small detail. I know Weiss doesn't like Jaune but technically it was Pyrrha who acquired him. She pinned him to a tree and then used her weapon to reel him in like a fish.

Ruby knowing Yang's habits and weaknesses is a nice detail. It really shows that while Ruby is immature and a bit shortsighted that when it comes to Yang she always has an eye out for her sister.

Blake's point of view is a lot like Blake herself. An odd mix of hope and despair, she sees how hopeless their combat situation is becoming but is quick to have her convictions bolstered in the face of Ruby's determination.

Fantastic chapter! Looking forward to more!
2/5 c28 2Benji the Monocat
Holy shit... it's like they're all coming to kill Torchwick
2/5 c24 Benji the Monocat
Pyrrha: Gotta hunt for ma boi!
2/2 c28 Chuck B. Winanaki
Ruby has a right to be excited, the scythe/sickle is a vastly underappreciated weapon. Heck you could even argue that Maria's weapon operates more like twin Sickles rather then a scythe since she dual wields two of them.

Wait why a fly? Why not a wasp or a bee? Could this bee the fact that being in such a big group distorts how they sound or that Menagerie just doesn't have bees or Lancers?

Can Ruby sense Grimm? I'm putting a lot of stock in a gut feeling here but with her silver eyes who knows what she can do.

M? That's Merlot! Okay this is a pretty big chance that Project PENNY and the STRATOS system don't overlap unless either Merlot or Pietro decided to copy the other. While one might be too egotistical to do that the other might be just worried enough about his daughter to reverse engineer some useful tech to make her more capable.

Pyrrha may be weary of her fame but she's very cold after a compliment. Sure she doesn't have to thank him for the compliment but he was very close to a very big Grimm when she pulled off an almost impossible shot.

Roman can regenerate when he merges with Jaune's Aura! This definitely gives him a leg up against a more common ghost.

Qrow certainly sells himself short. He was one of the strongest Huntsmen of his generation, a trusted agent of Ozpin and trained apparently trained under the Grimm Reaper herself. His list of accomplishments is probably longer then his bar tab! And that is saying something.

Wait one is cheeky and testing boundaries and the other shy and apologetic? Well it looks like Qrow has found his nieces already! Heck one cares about looking good and firepower and the other has a fascination for weapons and how they work!

Port's weapon is a lot more thought out then i expected. The limestone depth charges were very clever.

This could be very bad. Sure a thousand Lancers is really bad but if the swarm manages to attract the very large Goliaths hanging out near Mt. Glenn then it might be enough to destroy Beacon itself.

Fantastic chapter! Looking forward to more!
1/7 c27 PetalsScatter
I feel like you just went for the convoluted strange route. I honestly would not have mixed the anime story arc. This would do much better without introducing such weird storylines.
1/3 c27 Chuck B. Winanaki
Nora may not be focused on the same objectives as everyone else but you gotta give her props for the level of dedication she has to getting her team together. Really outside of the box thinking like that could really get Ozpin's attention, the fact that she's a very strong young woman with a semblance that would go amazing with Maiden fueled lightning is just even more reason for him to keep an eye on her.

The little back and forth between Nora and Ruby is hilarious, the fact that Nora has essentially adopted Ruby is just the best. I can't tell if Yang will be angry and try to tug of war Ruby away from Nora or will be happy that Ruby found such a great friend who shares quite a few traits with her older sister.

Nora and Weiss partnering together was not expected but is very funny. If Weiss and Nora team up with Blake and Ruby it will be the three shortest members of RWBY and JNPR all on one team, Blake may not be the tallest but on this team she'll look like Yatsuhashi.

Yang and Ren oddly makes a lot of sense. Ren is a hit and run fighter with the ability to land devastating blows but having a lower durability and endurance in exchange meaning he needs someone who can pull attention while he engages and disengages to avoid damage and maximize his abilities. Whereas Yang is the epitome of an endurance fighter with mountains of endurance and durability as well as a semblance that makes longer drawn out fights more advantageous with her strength only increasing as time goes on.
The only problem is that shotguns and semiautomatic pistols aren't exactly great for long range fights, but hey in that case why not just have Yang toss Ren straight at them to close the distance.

Wow Ruby has quite the pair of lungs on her, I don't know if this is due to Blake's excellent hearing or if Ruby really can yell loud enough to be heard across the Emerald Forest.

Blake getting dragged around by a Beowolf is hilarious, it just looked too much like a dog walking gone wrong. If Blake was more of a dog person I wouldn't be surprised if she tried telling it to heel or sit and play dead.

Ruby fumbling it at the very end, she could have had this be a very serious first meeting but she couldn't help herself. Hopefully Blake doesn't get mad at Ruby for bringing milk to their dorm for the "Cats love milk" stereotype when in reality it's just that Ruby likes milk.

I love that the Deathstalker's glowing tail is given an additional function here to lure and enthrall wayward spirits. This definitely explains why ghosts aren't a very common occurrence if Grimm can lure and destroy them. The fact that Roman can be seen and harmed by the Deathstalker definitely points to Grimm being able to destroy spirits like him.
For a normal disembodied spirit a wound like that should be permanent if not fatal but Roman certainly is a special case since he can always pull more Aura from Jaune to regenerate his lost limb either by their weird connection or possibly by jumping back into his body to have his Aura fix him back up. If Roman ever runs into another spirit they'll definitely be envious of his tenuous connection to life and Aura.

Fantastic chapter! Looking forward to more!
12/2/2023 c26 Dhestrya
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