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9/6/2021 c1 117Aviantei
So I find it super interesting that I did a Shintarō one shot with an Ayano song lyric as the title and you did the inverse lol. Still, I did like this a lot. I can’t remember if the light novels do a similar POV for this scene, but I feel you captured Ayano’s mindset super well. She tries so hard and Clearing Eyes Snake is like “fuck you.”

I really want to review your other one shots so hopefully that’ll happen soon!
8/29/2021 c1 15She Who Loves Pineapples
[Still, none of that had really mattered to her, because she had always been happy. She had her loving parents, and her adorable little siblings. If there was one thing that she did feel she was good at, it was being a big sister to those children. They had seemed so small and scared when her parents first brought them home from the orphanage, but she was able to see them all slowly come out of their shells, and she just knew that they were all going to grow into amazing people.

It was such a shame that she wouldn't be here to see it happen.]

Damn, that was such a whammy line. Really sad that some of her past thoughts are about how not-special she is, and then in the end when it seems like her death won’t accomplish what she thought it would…

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