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1/18/2022 c3 Guest
Is it strange that I find this kind of wholesome? Cuz I do…
1/17/2022 c3 Guest
Holy shit... This is... Beyond fucked up. He'd make Gaara shit his pants in fear tbh. No Kyuubi needed. Actually. This is a wild though. Fem Gaara. Dew it. Fem Gaara x Crazy Naruto. A match made in hell if I do say myself.
1/16/2022 c3 selberxbp12
1/16/2022 c3 Hugo0974
What a awesome fic! This Naruto make me think of Gaara, but way more overpower! Hope you update soon, bye!
1/16/2022 c3 Xemenon
1/15/2022 c3 Dased22
Nice update my man
1/14/2022 c3 1kyuubi7
Quick question, Hiruzen said that Naruto was 10 when Kakashi came back from the labor camps, but also that Kakashi had only spent 6 months in the labor camps. Is Naruto 4 1/2, or is he 10? Could you please clarify this?
1/14/2022 c3 KHARAKI TAKAN
Damn awesome chapter.

Ahh so that's where Suna went wrong, didn't give Gaara any Bandits to kill.
1/14/2022 c3 Rodenrock
Kakashi can’t take care of kids XD.
1/14/2022 c3 9Dregus
oh ok, so he's kind of like Gaara now, but effectively a lot worse with the Truth Seekings orbs just anihilating everything
1/14/2022 c3 TysonG
Wow great chapter. It's ironic the third hokage is sitting on his high horse looking down at kakashi when he did nothing to stop the villages attitude to naruto. Anyway really loving the story so far. Can't wait for the next chapter. Hopefully it won't take as long to update
1/14/2022 c3 SPark681
Hmm, ok so I gotta wonder how this bandit extermination will aid Naruto anyways keep up the great work!
9/21/2021 c2 Inoobe
This is a really interesting start to the story. Based on how the first chapter started I was hopeing it was going to be a story were Kakashi actively protected Naruto maybe taking care of him/teaching him, or running away from the village with him, making Kakashi the protagonist for the most part as Naruto would be too young to do much. One more chapter in now and it's moving in a very different direction already. I still hope to see more of Kakashi and have him play an interesting role.
Unless Hiruzen doesn't think Kakashi can function as a ninja and he's deciding controlling Naruto is of more worth than having Kakashi as a leaf ninja, I feel Kakashi has too much worth to just have his chakra sealed and done away with for too long. Kakashi is one of the only Leaf ninja to be bordering S rank right now. Given a few more years Hiruzen might have seen him as a potential replacement for the Hokage position. Since Naruto's only four there haven't been many new batches of ninja yet, let alone ones with real strength and renown. Asuma is probably still guarding the fire diamyo, Kurenai isn't a Jonin yet, unless you have a lot of OC's filling out Jonin ranks that are going to die and get replaced in the next few years the only ninja of note in the village are Gai, Itatchi, and Shisui.
Though that does mean other than the anbu that are still alive the Uchiha clan is the most powerful force in the village and the only real ninja with renown with Kakashi out of the way, so negotiations with the Uchiha will maybe have to be more public and will maybe need to go differently resulting in some alternate history.

Or maybe all of that doesn't really matter, Naruto has a mental breakdown and develops differently, some weird stuff happens with Kakashi, and the story stays interesting but doesn't go into the political differences and potential for consequences with the leaf losing one of it's few strong ninja left and then later the rest of their known ninja with the Uchiha clan if they don't do things differently (I'm not counting Jiraiya or Tsunade cause one isn't really a ninja currently and the other doesn't stay in the village) and everything I just speculated about isn't important to the story.
Either way it's an interesting start and I hope to see more! :)
9/20/2021 c2 KHARAKI TAKAN
Well damn, this is unique and interesting.

Awesome work with this.
9/20/2021 c2 iiNeo
I'm very much looking forward to this fic.
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