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10/2 c2 4JaphetSkie
Ooh, Paisen's here!
10/1 c2 21edboy4926
Good chapter.
10/1 c2 HehLikuHei
Heh RIP Shirou, Well Very Nice Chapter!
10/1 c2 D
Uhhh, were you high when you wrote this? I expected something more serious, then I see all these meme references.
10/1 c2 Goxo
Reading your work is still as entertaining as the chapterbefore. I laughed out loud with Shirou shouting his thoughts out loud. I believe you should trust the talent you have with your dialogue and description, but if you need a beta reader that totally understandable. Godspeed Author!
10/1 c2 vulcunniko
Is this a joke? Shirou feels way too OOC. Unless this is a crackfic.
9/25 c1 Crusada de Lata
Hope this gets a follow-up
9/16 c1 Goxo
Very great start to a story that I have been hoping to find. I don't care how long you must take, but don't give up on this gem of a story. Godspeed Author.
9/15 c1 Guest
Please not Zelretch
Zelretch not a troll
The suicide fighting style. It's not the true fighting style of Shirou/Emiya.
9/14 c1 Careful There
I'd watch out for anything from the type moon wiki; it's notorious for being filled with fanon and mistranslations. If you're using any information beyond the absolute basics (Shirou Emiya's Servant is Saber!) I'd check the citations for the accurate info otherwise you'll end up with "Shirou Pendragon Emiya is the descendant of the famous godslayer Muramasa, holder of Avalon, Incarnation of swords, star pupil of Zeltrech, original King of heroes, and Beast V. At the tender age of 2 he killed Angry Mango and became the Grand Saber, using his Harem Protag EX to render his multitudes of love interests into soulless cardboard. After SWORDING all of the Dead Apostles he bangs Arcueid and becomes the Ultimate One of UBW somehow before blasting iff into space in search of unlimited coochie." That was fun typing out

Tho I am excited for more of this story.

I honestly don't know if Shirou would attack a literal 12 year old, but considering his whole "Bye Shinji" sequence, I wouldn't be surprised. Haruki better watch out cuz Shirou is SWORDED and isn't taking prisoners lol
9/10 c1 4Infinite Zangestu
a way to add Dead apostles if you want to is to use the vampires from Cara the Blood Lord a series made by Anime Lilith one of the co-developers of Taimanin Asagi, tl;dr Cara want to create peace between Human and her Race but there are those who serve her who don't and are doing shady shit get caught and punished and then want revenge which is mainly her uncle. Most if not all of the VN takes place in Japan so it is feasible. You could use these Vampires as a stand-in for Dead Apostles. and guess what the antagonist uses bugs in a certain way like a certain mage family so it may or may not trigger your Shirou depending on which Shirou he is.
9/6 c1 Jamieoeyes
Finally a FSN x Taimanin crossover with are boy Shirou as the protagonist I've always imaged what would happen if Shirou was there to save the ladies and kill all the hentai bastards with different types of Noble Phantasm dame sure he could easily kill Edwin Black with Harpe and if that doesn't work then bring him into Unlimited Blade Works really excited to see how this go's and what Shirou will do to change the Taimanins verse,

also is Shirou getting a Harem or just a single paring if you go the Harem Route then don't make it huge just have 10 to 12 max amount of women and leave the rest with the other guy's who unfortunately keep getting cuck if you have a hard time picking a girl for Shirou's Harem then set up a poll and let the fan's choose that's only if your going the Harem Route anyway keep up the good work really excited to see how this go and can't wait for the next chapter.
9/6 c1 4dv1ct0r14m2017
Nice chapter. Hope to see more in the future.

Try expanding upon the idea of Shirou discovering what is happening or notice the misdeeds of Haruki.
9/4 c1 DogByte
Interesting start with Fallen Wife. Can't wait to see the Taimanins be introduced.
9/4 c1 Guest
Bruh, please continue this. So far I think this is the only Taimanin fanfict that is well written and with a huge potential, depending on how you use Shirou in this fict.
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