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3/18 c17 Karen Martin
i see why you had them have their first date in the library-and I think it's perfect! Ha ha about Lucas. i don't hate his character either-he's just not right for E
3/16 c15 Karen Martin
I'm glad Bill already knew and he could see the integrity in Nathan with his confession to E and him. Good for E! Starting that kiss! lol. Finally. Lol
3/16 c14 Karen Martin
This was a wonderfully written chapter! it had everything needed.I love how Rosemary helped E and Nathan. Rosemary is my favorite female character. There is hope!
3/14 c8 Karen Martin
Very emotional chapter. Great writing.
3/12 c5 Karen Martin
I just love Rosemary's enthusiasm. She and Lee are the sweetest couple. I am very happy that E and N are courting
3/12 c4 Karen Martin
What a happy chapter!
3/12 c3 Karen Martin
3/12 c2 Karen Martin
Sweet Nathan
1/30 c11 Charlotte Griffi
If this was a tv show it would be cancelled. So disappointing as to Elizabeth's treatment and timing. She will be bored to tears with Nathan.
1/28 c23 dpmancill
Happy for the recent update and anxious for many more chapters. Hoping all are doing better. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
1/27 c5 dpmancill
I don't know where or how to access AO3. Am loving the N&E storyline. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
1/23 c23 sherried
Hang in there. Praying everything will work out soon. Will be here waiting when you post the next chapter.
1/22 c23 SaSeLi777
Prayers, blessings, and gratitude!
1/22 c23 bakerew
Thank you so much for letting us know. We love you and your story. Our prayers are lifted up for you during this time, and we look forward to when you are able to feel your burdens lifted and can continue to write your lovely story.
7/26/2022 c22 BeccaKay64
Thanks for gifting us with a new chapter - and on your birthday, no less! Happy Birthday! Hope you get to feeling better! Been that kind of summer over here, too!
Loved the chapter!
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