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for And… Switch!

1/1 c1 Guest
this was pretty good. maybe try to make it a little lonhger by showing what happened with harry and annabeeth.
9/20/2021 c1 Hey
This could be an interesting two-shot. I also think this could be a whole long fanfic if the two switched bodies. Like others wouldn't immediately notice that they have been switched. Like their minds would be in the wrong body.
8/31/2021 c1 Guest
I really like this! Even though it was short it had a great bit of story for how long it was, great job! If you add more chapters that would be great, if not, then that’s fine, I still enjoyed it.
8/31/2021 c1 1Wavey2362
Meh... it was relatively short and lacked exposition y descriptions imo
Also the idea is not the best, it would've been a lot cooler if they are in other body's so not everyone immediately notices that they actually don't belong there.
8/30/2021 c1 2SecretLegends
This is VERY interesting. And yes, please do make it a two shot. I would love to know how Harry can go back and forth from between the two worlds. Otherwise, great story! :)

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