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10/19 c11 5ZaydenBlaze47
This story is actually pretty nice. I look forward to more updates.
10/18 c11 SeanHicks4
Interesting cross, the spelling and grammar is a bit rough and the AN chapters and the original draft being present still isn’t a really a great look either. But looking forward to seeing some more
10/16 c1 Guest
Shirou: Who are you?
Fateless Shirou: I'm not you, yet, may be not ever... Who knows, maybe Akasha's Writer Nasu decides to one day end our journey
Archer: Shirou don't talk to that one, he's a member of the fanfic side, they are trully infinite and more divergent than us and may or may not result in your head exploding
10/15 c11 Prometheus-777
Heh, the Stark's have it roughy in canon. I'm glad they're catching a break, a brief reprieve from most of the things that trouble them. Awesomeness.

Lol! Shirou showing off was fantastic. Reminds me of the Crysis 3 trailer where Prophet snipes a helicopter without looking. The over the top trailer I mean, hehe.
10/15 c10 Prometheus-777
Heh, interesting progression of the story. Although this one seems to have the main cast taking things slower and much more cautiously. Less bodily indeed. It seems like they're planning to run things in the background and keep a lower profile; only revealing their true selves to by a few trusted people or employers seeing as they're mercenaries now. Fascinating.
10/15 c8 Prometheus-777
LOL! The Counterfeit Hero using the Counterfeiting trade on gold coins lol? That makes too much sense it's scary hehe.

Heh, I love the Avatar shtick. But I only wish Sakura had both Parvati AND Kama. Why Kama? Because of her multiple bodies. She can use them to spy further and further away. Her familiars are limited by distance to their Master. But if there more and more of her all over Westeros then her familiars would be free from that limitations as long as more Kamas nearby.

Heh, can't wait to for Artoria to kick the asses of Stark's men lol. But more to the point, Artoria showing off her skills reminds me of female knight from GoT and Arya Stark when she became more ruthless and pragmatic and engaged in forms of combat.
10/15 c7 Prometheus-777
Heh, I understand wishing to be paid in Gems for Gem Magecraft. But why the Gold? And since the North is cold, wouldn't it be funny if Illya was Alter Ego Sitonia with her "Shirou" bear familiar? And Rin to be Ishtar, Rider Ishtar or Space Ishtar? Or Sakura to be Assassin (or Avenger?) Kama so that she can send lots of the Kama doppelgängers around Westeros to spy on everyone so she doesn't feel useless to her Senpai and Sister and their allies? Hypothetically speaking of course~.
10/15 c6 Prometheus-777
Heh, this is an interesting opening as opposed to the last one. Let's see what this Death March that started in Westeros will lead to lol.
10/15 c4 Prometheus-777
You should have Shirou summon Semiramis so that they never have to worry about accomodation and transportation. And it's a castle that only birds and Dragons can reach... That and bacteria and shiz lol. It's also comfortable and nigh impossible to siege... And with so many magic users in Shirou's party they can hide it as well... Like those animes with a castle in the sky... Like Ironclad or whatever the Sword Art Online one is called.

Heh, it's interesting how Shirou's Party is going around as mercenaries and further derailing canon with their interference lol. Can't wait to see more. I hope by the end of the story things in Westeros will be nigh or utterly unrecognisable so that by the time they return to the Nasuverse or train in Westeros it will feel like it's a completely new world...

A world where EX rank Anti-World Noble Phantasms such as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and Rider Da Vinci's Shadow Border roam freely lol. Transportation is key after all. And wouldn't it be funny if Rider Da Vinci made replicas of the Shadow Border better than the ones QHS from the Chinese Lostbelt had made lol?!
10/15 c3 Prometheus-777
LOL! Shirou's introduction was as funny as it was anticlimactic. I was expecting something like The Wrought Iron Hero and more lol.

Weeb otaku Illya and Sakura are AWESOME lol!

Heh, 5hisbstory is getting more and more awesome with each chapter~!
10/15 c2 Prometheus-777
Heh, interesting meeting. It feels very tense like someone is about to do something stupid thanks to Shirou's E Rank luck lol. Oh well.
10/15 c1 Prometheus-777
Heh, interesting premise. Loving the concept.m and themes. Can't wait to see how the Butterfly Effect of the Nasuverse guys simply EXISTING in the GoT universe will derail canon.
10/13 c6 Revo777
I was already hooked on the first chapters, how bad.
10/11 c11 sandmanwake
Isn't Shirou's suicidal sword style developed by him to fight stronger and faster opponents? No need to use it against ordinary people and it's unlikely he'll run across anyone in Planetos that would force him to use it.
10/11 c11 4Codename-ShadowFox
So, I have one question. Why the hell would you start the rewrite halfway through the story instead of replacing it or making the rewrite a separate story all together?
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